The Best Smartwatches With A Spotify Application

The continuous advancements in technology have created a platform for better gadgets to ease human experiences. One such piece of tech is a smartwatch.

Gone are the days when people only had to use the watch to find out time. The latest models in the market function more or less like a phone.

You can use them to play music through syncing with any application that you may deem fit. You can use them during exercises as well to keep track of your activities. The latest application featured in these gadgets is Spotify.

What is Spotify?

This service is an internet-based music streaming and audio sharing service, launched by the Swedish-based music streaming and audio sharing service, Spotify.

The site has been launched in the US, UK, France, and Canada in the past couple of years.

Spotify is now a publicly listed company in the New York Stock exchange through its subsidiary, Spotify Technology Ltd. The worldwide headquarters of the company are in Stockholm, Sweden.

The website enables users to listen to music online without downloading it to the device. The songs can be played via radio and other types of channels, and the user can also search for music according to the genre of music.

For instance, when you want to listen to a song from the latest album, type in the artist name to find out which song is available for download.

You will also be able to search by the album number. If you want to hear the same song again, then replay the track.

All this can be done using the mouse or the keyboard, with the play button positioned at the top right corner of the screen. The site also has many options where you can buy the music and view the various artists, albums, and artists that you might like to hear the song.

The website has many interactive features that enable users to play with their music collection. For instance, users can also make their playlists. With the help of the interface, you will also be able to manage your subscriptions or add-ons.

There are many ways that users can use the various features of the site, such as browsing through the multiple genres, albums, and artists, browsing by the genre, artist name, and the category that you are interested in, and adding tracks to play by category.

The majority of enterprises venturing into this business line are ensuring they produce their smartphones, including this aspect, to meet the increasing demand.

When it first began, streaming was done via laptop and smartphone, but these days with the advent of smartwatches, it is easier than ever to stream music directly from your timepiece.

This provides several benefits, with perhaps the top advantage being that you can go out for a run or to the gym only using your watch (which often also conveniently doubles as a fitness tracker).

If you are into this kind of smartwatches that play Spotify, below are the best five that you can consider.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung is a famous brand known for producing top-notch gadgets in the markets. Before creating this model, they have previously served their clients with an array of smartwatches.

However, the unique point of sale of this version is the strategically placed Spotify application. You can use it to listen to music directly if you have access to the internet. Moreover, you can also download some playlists into the watch as it has sufficient storage. If necessary, you can transfer some of the data to your other devices that work in sync with Spotify.

Garmin Forerunner 645

Garmin is a brand known for its exceptional performance. This model is among this list since it has a variety of benefits to offer to its users.

First and foremost is the availability of Spotify. You can also store up to 500 songs in the storage area, which you can play while offline. In the event of workouts, you have the privilege of a 5 hours GPS tracking experience.

If you are into sports, this is just the right partner for you. You will be tracking your moves, thus giving yourself a better challenge.

Apple Watch Series

Under this category, the types of apple watches are series three and five. Apple makes fantastic products, with no exceptions.

Before evaluating its features, you must admit that these watches have a sleek and classy look. It comes with a workout app featuring customizable pages to make work easier for you.

Whether sitting or working out, accessing any point of the watch becomes quicker and smoother. Apart from Spotify, it also has the provision to sync with podcasts apps that may interest you.

Garmin Forerunner 945

Garmin will never seize from making unique products. Of all the smartwatches produced by them, the 945 has proven to be the best so far.

It has a much bigger storage capacity as it can accommodate up to 1000 songs. Spotify is among the applications featured in these devices and iHeartRadio, Mp3, and Deezer. You can make use of the GPS for a maximum of ten hours while listening to music.

Garmin Venu

The Venu version of the Garmin brand of smartphones is another spectacular piece. It holds a couple of apps, including Spotify, the most popular, Deezer, iHeartRadio, and the provision to play music offline.

Nevertheless, it has a full Amoled screen, unlike conventional types of screens on other watches. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then it should top your list. The GPS trackers will serve you for six hours, a duration longer than what you may allocate for exercising. It has a compact body, thus an assurance of stability.

The list of smartwatches with Spotify is endless, but the above mentioned are the best. All of them serve a similar goal while employing different mechanisms. Investing in either is worth every coin.


There are several very high-quality smartwatches on the market that can use Spotify to stream your favorite tracks. Understanding which is best for your needs is to find out what you need the watch for in daily life.

For example, if you are adventurous, you might want to consider a waterproof watch with GPS. If you are more into the fashion scene, then something with a bit more style might be what you are after.

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