The 7 Most Entertaining YouTube Channels for STEM Students

YouTube is a great place to explore new topics, ideas and theories from all over the world. There are plenty of channels out there to educate and inform us about the newest advancements, different viewpoints and life-changing ideas.

For STEM students, this is even more true, and if you’re looking for some of the most entertaining channels perfect for STEM students, read on to find out more.


VSauce is a channel like no other, with possibly some of the most interesting content on the internet. This channel features a variety of videos on any topic you could think of, from science to psychology to math to philosophy – and more! The main channel is run by Michael Stevens, however there are other subchannels created by Keven Lieber and Jake Roper.

The base of each video is a question – how much of the Earth can you see at once? What is the speed of dark? What if the moon was a disco ball? Fun, exciting questions like these draw us in, and once the curiosity tugs on our mouse, we’re launched into a video giving us details about the universe and world as we know it. There’s plenty to find out and learn through VSauce, and with some humor and unusual facts thrown in, you’ll be sure not to regret it.

Kettering University

It may be strange to think that a university YouTube channel could be entertaining, but Kettering University proves that it can definitely be the case. Of course, there are videos about the university, but there are also videos about a wide range of things that the university is interested or involved in; for example, the Concours D’Elegance, and how to succeed as an online student webinar.

There are also many videos on the different courses they offer, such as Kettering University’s renowned masters in electrical and computer engineering, which give you an insight into the types of paths and opportunities you have access to in the future while being easy and engaging to watch. It’s well worth checking out to get some more practical videos and start dreaming about your future.


CrashCourse is an incredibly popular YouTube channel, with over 10 million subscribers in total. They offer videos on a variety of different topics for almost any subject, such as math, science, psychology, business, and much more. They also cover other topics like artificial intelligence and navigating digital information.

Their videos are entertaining, fun, and light-hearted, and paired with some fun animations, CrashCourse makes for an incredibly interesting and enjoyable channel. The videos are not incredibly long, with most no longer than 15 minutes, meaning taking a quick break from work to watch one of these videos will feel like a break, but will teach you things you never knew before.

The Slow Mo Guys

The Slow Mo Guys is for those who want to see the kind of things you can’t see with the naked eye. As the name suggests, shooting slow motion is their game, and they use high speed cameras to shoot various scientific experiments such as coke and butane (making rockets), and magnet smashing, in super slow motion, as well as other sillier videos like tongue in a mouse trap.

There’s lots of fun in these videos as well as a certain beauty in the way nature works and creates such effects, and for anyone who wants to see the intricacies of how the world and science works, watching the Slow Mo Guys is not only a great idea to see exactly that, but also to have a bit of a laugh at the expense of hosts Gavin and Dan.


AsapSCIENCE carries on the science theme but in a different way – hosts Greg and Mitch post a variety of videos talking about topics you may not find in your normal studies, such as what happens when you freeze to death, or what if you only ate chips? There’s a lot to learn in videos that are only a few minutes long, meaning they’re easy to binge watch and get addicted to quickly, and alongside the cute drawings and doodles, it makes some really entertaining stuff.

They also produce songs based around science, such as their “Breathin” Ariana Grande cover about the detailed process of breathing. Overall, this channel makes some new, innovative videos you don’t often see anywhere else and is well worth a look for those looking for something different and fun.


Another innovative YouTube channel, Veritasium offers a variety of different content to engage you and teach you science. Created by Derek Muller, the channel features everything from experiments, to expert interviews, to exciting demos, to discussions with people in the general public, all to do with science.

He also does a playlist about misconceptions, where he tackles some of the most common misunderstandings and untruths in science, such as misconceptions about temperature. The host Derek is also a likeable and engaging host, meaning the videos almost feel like you’re talking with him rather than watching him, making it a fun and almost personal experience.


For those who can’t get enough of numbers, Numberphile is the channel for you. Videos are released on a regular basis relating to numbers in plenty of different ways, from famous numbers such as the Archimedes number, to graphs, to even things like chess and card shuffling.

Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of math, these videos are so entertaining that you can watch and still get the hang of it, since the hosts are clear and direct in their explanations without sounding boring or serious.

It’s a fun way to see how numbers are not only incredible, but how they change the world around us, and learn interesting facts and patterns you never knew existed before.

With these channels, you’ll be able to take a break from the monotony of studying without feeling guilty – these videos will give you a change of pace to a fun, interesting and sometimes hilarious video without skipping out on the learning.

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