Spyine Review: The Best Way to Tap a Cell Phone Remotely

Have you ever heard about tapping a cell phone remotely? A lot of people have been doing it without letting the cell phone owner know.

You would be glad to know that tapping a cell phone is not as difficult as you think it is. It does not need any technical knowledge, and anyone can do it without facing any difficulties.

This article will explain how to tap a cell phone remotely without getting caught by using one of the most effective tools called Spyine. So, let’s find out about the process and the application that we will use in this method.

Spyine: The Best Spy App

Spyine provides phone tapping services. More than a million users trust this application to tap any cell phone they want. It is an expert’s choice as it does not require any technical or coding skills to tap a phone.

It is one of the few spying applications to be recognized by Forbes and The New York Times. You would be shocked to know that this application does not require you to root or jailbreak the targeted device.

On the other hand, other spying applications do not work in a non-rooted device. For Spyine, you do not need to install this application in your device to tap a cell phone remotely as you can access your account from any browser.

Popular Features of Spyine

Spyine offers dozens of useful features. Here are some of the main features of this application:

WhatsApp Spy: Most of the people tap a cell phone to get access to their WhatsApp account. You can use this dedicated WhatsApp spy feature to check their messages and statuses.

Location Tracker: This feature allows you to track their location without touching their phone. You can even check all the places they have visited with this advanced feature.

Call Logs Viewer: Check all their call logs to find out who they are talking to with their device. You can also view the stats like call duration, frequently contacted contacts, and many other things.

Browsing History: Track their browsing history with this feature of Spyine. It will show you all their browsing history of all the browsers.

Click Spyine to continue the list of features on their website.

How to Tap a Cell Phone with Spyine?

Tapping a cell phone with Spyine is easier than you think it is. You just need to follow our step-by-step guide, and you will be able to tap any cell phone you want.

Step 1: Registering On Spyine

The registration process of Spyine is quite simple and does not take more than half a minute. Just click on the “Join Free” button and fill out basic information such as your name, username, and create a password.

It will ask you to create a strong password as all the retrieved information will be available on your account.

Step 2: Buying a Subscription Plan

Spyine offers three different plans for different needs of the users. The basic plan is for personal use that will help you tap a single cell phone with your account.

The other two plans are for the professionals, who need to tap their employee’s cell phones. Select any plan and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Verifying the Device

This step involves verifying the targeted device to tap it without letting them know. The process is different for both the famous operating systems- Android and IOS. Hence, we will cover them separately.

To verify an android device, you need to download the spyine application from the setup wizard of your account. After downloading, you need to install the application and delete the setup from their device.

To verify an iPhone, you just need to enter their iCloud password in your Spyine account. It will take a few minutes to sync their device with your account.

Step 4: Tapping Their Device

The final step involves tapping and monitoring the targeted device remotely. Just click on the dashboard, and head towards the “features” section.

There, you will find all the features to tap a cell phone such as Whatsapp Spy, Snapchat Spy, location tracker, call logs viewer, etc.

Why Should You Use Spyine?

Thousands of spying applications provide phone tapping services. However, Spyine has some advantages over those applications that make it the leading phone monitoring application.

Private Application

Finding a private spying application that does not store your data is a challenging task. Most of the free spywares steal your data and sell it to third parties. However, Spyine does not handle their user data and keep it to your account only.


Tapping a cell phone with the help of a professional can charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars. But with Spyine, you can do all of this for only $10.83/month.

Additionally, you do not need to trust someone with the valuable data that you retrieve after tapping a cell phone.

Does Not Require Jailbreak

This application can work with every device. You do not need to root the targeted device to tap it. Every professional understands why rooting a smartphone is not something you should consider.

Jailbreak removes phone security, exposing it to the potential attacks by third-parties.

To Conclude

Tapping a cell phone is so simple with the help of spying applications like Spyine. There was a time when one could not think about getting into someone’s phone. However, today you can use Spyine’s features to view everything you want.

The steps that we have covered in our guide will help you tap a cell phone remotely. Spyine’s privacy policy is incredible as they respect their user data and keep it safe.

You can  definitely use this application to tap a cell phone without worrying about the security of your device.

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