Reasons to choose WordPress in our current COVID-19 afflicted world

Did you know that around 34% of the internet uses and/or powered by WordPress? That comes up to more than 75,000,000 websites, dozens of which are Fortune 500 companies! If you’re one of the many industries negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic but are considering WordPress hosting to quickly set up your online presence and continue selling – read on.

In this article, we will list just the things that will compel you to proceed with WordPress as your Content Management System (CMS) of choice – like those millions of other web owners did.

Compelling reasons companies prefer WordPress

Ease of content marketing. Every website has its content as the backbone for an effective marketing strategy specifically achieved through blogs. However, blogs aren’t worth much if a business is unable to easily post and customize articles using the site’s backend or CMS. WordPress thankfully began as a free publishing platform that boasts user-friendly functionalities, making it elementary to edit anything from basic blog posts to full-on webpage editorials – no coding skills necessary.

Open source code. WordPress being an open-source platform means that the original code can be modified and redistributed. This is very useful in the long run because errors can be corrected quickly and advanced modifications can be utilized to benefit the company. It also means greater flexibility, freedom, and security, which are important factors in today’s world.

SEO. Even basic WordPress users can easily utilize SEO to rank up your website in search engines through practices like permalinks, SEO-friendly page titles, permalinks, clean, crawlable codes, meta descriptions, image optimization, and others.

Multimedia capability. More than just being a fantastic content marketing platform, WordPress makes it easy to import and manage multimedia, including images, video, graphics, sounds, and others for blog posts, landing pages, or whatever else your website has. WordPress users can quickly create a landing page to inform their customers of their pandemic readiness and were able to quickly publish COVID-19-related content on their websites.

Affordability. WordPress in itself is technically free, but you’ll need to buy hosting and plugins to get the full functionalities you want. What’s beneficial is you can also just pay for the features you use, while other CMS platforms offer bundles with some features you won’t use – that’s money spent on items you won’t need. WordPress is flexible and scalable with your needs, whether you’re a startup or a big business looking to expand.

Support. WordPress boasts one of the best customer service professionals in the industry, plus there’s a prolific community of developers who are offering technical guidance and support. Every issue is most likely being talked about in a forum somewhere so a quick Google sometimes is all it takes.

Quick summary: if you can edit Microsoft Word documents, then you can create and edit content in WordPress. If you’re keen on creating an online presence for the first time or are looking to create another site, then you can’t go wrong with choosing WordPress – especially in our current COVID-19 afflicted world. I wish I’m paid to write that, but WordPress doesn’t need that much promotion since results speak for themselves. For your new website, go for trusted and proven providers like Vodien, Singapore’s top provider for WordPress hosting and domains. Best of luck!

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