Projects implementation by a SYPWAI startup: specifics and sequence of work

In the artificial intelligence (AI) industry, the SYPWAI platform has firmly occupied its niche and has become the most promising startup. The team received a grant for its development, and soon, thanks to its rapid growth, the platform became popular around the world.

SYPWAI states its basic goal with the slogan: Solve your problem with AI. Obviously, such a successful strategy allowed the relatively young platform to gain recognition and respect from many famous holdings, which began to use the platform’s service every day.

How does SYPWAI manage to develop a successful partnership, working with both highly qualified experts and ordinary citizens?

Adhering to its main goal – solve your problem with AI – the startup management does not forget about its most important mission to provide work for interested users. The SYPWAI team allows ordinary people to gain new knowledge, and at the same time earn money.

The startup offers its user audience a training algorithm with two different directions. The first direction (general) is available for any right-minded person and can find the differences between images, for example, of a giraffe and a crane. The corresponding algorithm has an obvious similarity to children’s logic games. The simplicity of this procedure allows people of all ages, social statuses, and various occupations to participate in it.

The second direction of the neural network training algorithm is a special one. The SYPWAI platform requires experts in specialized fields, in particular, doctors, chemists, physicists, engineers, and other competent people.

To get access to the neural network markup of such a highly specialized field, applicants have to go through a selection procedure, to pass an IQ test and a professional aptitude test. There are no compromises – the system does not allow mistakes.

In its activities, SYPWAI does not focus on its own expansion; the priority is the development of organizations that turn to it for help. The platform goal is fruitful work for the benefit of its customers and employees. Thus, large corporations can count on the platform’s help in solving problems related to business optimization, and ordinary citizens in earning money.

How does a startup manage to comply with requests from third parties?

SYPWAI’s large user audience is day by day engaged in solving many problems, for example, concerning service issues, sales growth, customer loyalty increase, production improvement, and commercial processes.

Providing a solution to such problems is possible due to the huge number of SYPWAI employees who, being in different countries and on different continents, perform neural network markup and provide platform support.

When a startup receives a specific request from a third-party company, the system sends the corresponding task to its numerous employees (to their personal accounts). Before starting to solve such a problem, the platform user will have to undergo IQ testing. Good test results will confirm that a person is competent in this field, that he will solve the issue is high.

If the test results are good, the person proceeds to the task. After the deadline, the SYPWAI system collects all options and processes them automatically. The system defines the same type of answers. The largest number of similar answers are correct.

The work of users who gave the correct answers will be paid.

SYPWAI – problem-solving guarantee

The platform is always guided by its slogan – Solve your problem with AI. The startup works successfully and fruitfully for the benefit of people. The result of this activity is the worldwide popularization of SYPWAI. However, the most important thing is that by using the integration of artificial intelligence into business activities, the system increases production potential, bringing technical innovations closer to humanity.

The SYPWAI team is proud to be involved in advanced technology improvement and to be of value to both companies and ordinary people.

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