10 Most Secure Email Providers for 2018

Most of the users don’t think much about the security level of the email provider and leave their email unprotected. Although you have nothing to hide still you should go for a most secure email service. In this day and age where technology has overtaken, you have no idea how many privacy threats you have.

In order to avoid any kind of trouble and to enjoy your email privacy, you should choose a secure provider. With countless options available around, people get confused and fail to make an appropriate choice. But to make things easier for you, we have come up with a list of Most Secure Email Providers. Have a look so that you can make a well-informed decision.

10 Most Secured Email Services for 2018

1- Hushmail


It is among the most secure email providers and you can use it to have a completely safe experience. This amazing service features latest encryption techniques to ensure that no one including Hushmail can access your mail messages. Using this service, users can send out the encrypted emails to any other service provider including Gmail and Outlook. It also offers auto-response. Moreover, it features an easy to use and unique interface through which you can enjoy sending and receiving secure messages. You can simply create your account here and set your own signature.

Pricing – (Yearly Plan) $48.98

Visit Website: https://www.hushmail.com/

2- Proton Mail

Proton Mail

This is indeed a preferred and most secure email for its strong encryption and unreachable security. The quick setup and efficient service make it a more reliable choice. It was first launched in 2013 and since then it has been providing incomparable services to the users. Not only it is safe to use, it offers an easy operation as well. Even the newbies can easily set up their account on Proton Mail easily. What makes it a secure choice is the end-to-end encryption that keeps all the messages between the sender and receiver and nobody can decrypt your message. Even the Proton Mail itself cannot read your message because of the zero-access architecture. Not only you can enjoy this high-level security while mailing to the same service users, you can have the same safety while sending messages to the Gmail, Outlook, AOL mail and Apple Mail users as well.

Pricing – (Free) or $5.00 per month

Visit Website: https://protonmail.com/

3- CounterMail


This service focuses mainly on user security. You may not like its primitive old-styled outlook but its security service is incomparable. It also offers end-to-end encryption that keeps all the communication secure between the sender and recipient. The service uses OpenGPG in order to keep all your emails secure. It makes your account completely safe. The diskless servers make it impossible for anybody to access your messages. The CounterMail also supports the email filters. Additionally, a password manager is built-in for protection.

Pricing – (Yearly Plan) $4.91.00 per month

Visit Website: https://countermail.com/


4- Posteo


This email service is privately owned. The users from across the globe can use this super-secure and private platform. The free-tier is not available but the service is totally ad-free and provides enhanced sustainability and security. The specific features include open source service, two-step verification to log in, TLS encryption and unidentified signup. This Green-based email system also includes AES secured protection. Although it does not feature end to end encryption still, it is a safer and better alternative to many other service providers.

Pricing – $1.13 per month

Visit Website: https://posteo.de/en

5- Kolab Now

Kolab Now

It is an open source system that offers a well-encrypted email service which is based in Switzerland. This is a perfect choice for small and medium enterprises and it offers them a protective secure email system and complete office suite that works online. Using this service, you can comfortably forward any confidential information via emails without any threat. Kolab Now stores all your data on their fully secured servers that keeps it protected from all the advertisers, scammers and even the government agencies. It offers many monthly and annual plans for individual accounts as well. You may find it a bit expensive the quality service justifies the high-price.

Pricing – (30 days trial) $4.70 per month

Visit Website: https://kolabnow.com

6- SCRYPTmail


This is relatively new service which ensures a completely safe and anonymous email service. Its top priority is the privacy of the users. You will find its neat interface very easy to use. It is designed keeping in mind the latest trends and offers a user-friendly experience. The service features end-to-end encryption and does not include the use of third-party script services that can affect your privacy. SCRYPTmail makes use of AES256-Bit encryption that makes it unbreachable. Although it operates still in beta and is a new platform, still you can use it for a secure mailing service. Besides, TOR access is also offered in SCRYPTmail.

Pricing – (7 days trial) $1.30 per month

Visit Website: https://scryptmail.com/

7- LuxSci


It is the one and only USA-based most secure email providing service that is known best for its secure and efficient service. LuxSci offers a complete productivity suite for the business professionals. Their topmost priorities include email security and your anonymity. Furthermore, it offers a very user-friendly use and you won’t have to install any additional set-up. It also includes a full end to end encryption. The technologies used to keep your data safe include SSL and TSL. Moreover, it uses SMTP protocols for complete security. It is mainly designed for the business professionals. Therefore, the plans cost more than other secure service providers. But the level of security and availability of several features makes it a smart choice for the business users. However, if you want a secure service for your personal usage, you should pick some other option.

Pricing – $10 per month

Visit Website: https://luxsci.com

8- Tutanota


It is a web-based most secure email service that delivers a secure and safe experience. The system comprises open source and offers numerous amazing and usable features to the users. This incredible platform provides incomparable security. It is compatible with all the browsers and offers both the free and paid versions. It offers the best service at lowest rates possible and you can use your own domain by using the premium account. Furthermore, a complete end to end encryption makes it a more desirable choice. Tutanota also offers applications for both the Android and IOS.

Pricing – $1.35 per month

Visit Website: https://tutanota.com/

9- Mailfence


This properly encrypted email service features an open GPG standard that delivers a complete end-to-end encryption. Interestingly, digital signing is also added. It allows the users to communicate freely and safely with other users. Mailfence is completely ads free and blocks all the spam messages to provide you a more convenient experience. It also features two-factor authentication. The AES-256 bit security makes it a commendable choice. Moreover, the users can customize the email settings as per their preferences.

Pricing – Free OR 2.50 € per month

Visit Website: https://mailfence.com/

10- Runbox


Considering the encryption of emails, this one is among the best secure email providers. It uses multiple protective tools in order to keep your data safe and hinders any suspicious activity. Any email sent through the Runbox is forwarded through a fully- encrypted. All the data in the Runbox server is stored and in a locked vault. For added protection by keeping you anonymous, we provide annual plans via using bitcoins. Furthermore, the two-factor authentication makes it impossible for hackers to break into your Runbox account.

Pricing – Free OR $19.95 per year

Visit Website:  https://runbox.com/

Final Verdict

Not every email service promises a secure and safe service. You should not risk your privacy and always choose an email service carefully. All the above-mentioned providers are great in terms of providing security. You can choose any of these depending on your needs.

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