Mastering Your PCs Visual Setup

A PC can be one of the most powerful home entertainment and work systems going, but when it breaks, it’s often costly. Money management website CostOwl estimates that PC repair clocks in at $50 to $80 per hour, meaning that any reasonably timed repair could cost hundreds. Instead of relying on outside help, build your PC to purpose and give yourself the skills you need to quickly and effectively rectify issues as they arise. PCs are a lot more simple than they appear, and you can be a wizard behind the keyboard with just a little technical knowledge.

Learning how to troubleshoot

The first problems that many home tech enthusiasts will encounter are software issues. The screen is on, the computer is running, but problems are present. Many common tech problems are commonly encountered and so there will always be support online. For instance, common display driver errors, a frequent source of frustration in home entertainment setups, can be tackled with commonplace solutions. Essentially, becoming an expert at PC diagnostics will help you to become self-sufficient in the home. Plenty of tech websites can provide on-demand info that will help you to overcome common problems.

Exploring new technology

Given the perceived complexity of computers, it can be tempted to go with well marketed proprietary software to run your setup. While some software is non-negotiable depending on its application, there’s actually a lot of variation in what you can deploy in your home. For instance, free players Ace and VLC are free but will play any video files you like without any issue. Search for alternatives to costly software and see if you can deploy it in the home. Furthermore, getting support for these sorts of computer programs can be much quicker and will provide a greater level of detail, as open source freeware often has a supportive community around it.

Getting cozy with hardware

The ultimate way to upgrade your home computer is, of course, through hardware upgrades. The process of putting a PC together is actually very straightforward, and has been dubbed ‘LEGO for adults’. It isn’t too costly, either. According to Forbes, you can put together a respectable gaming-level PC for under $1000, and costs are set to drop this year due to improved memory costs and a rebound from 2017-18, where avid cryptocurrency miners dominated the graphics card market. Plus, when you build your own platform, you’ll be free of many forms of constrictive software that hamper your enjoyment of the device. Starting from scratch is also an easy way to detect and stop technical problems before they have the opportunity to become a headache.

Running your own PC system is easier than you’d think and will save you a lot of money in repair bills. Combine basic technical knowledge with a little reading, and you can experience something far better than what you can purchase in the shop. For those looking to take it to the next level, make your next device a home-built one.

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