Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Software Developing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the replication of human intelligence procedures by computer systems and machines. Some apps of artificial intelligence encompass machine vision, speech recognition, natural learning process, and expert systems. According to IDC:

  • The AI market is expected to reach up to $341.8 billion US by the end of 2021.
  • It is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 18.8% that will reach up to $500 billion by 2024.

Now the question arises, that how will it impact software developing companies? To answer this, we are presenting you with some ways AI will change software developing.

AI will modify the method in which the code is written, updated, and released

First of all, it is going to have a big impact on the way the code is written, updated, and released. With the incorporation of artificial intelligence, the focus of the highly paid development teams in the software development companies will transfer from writing to monitoring strategic level operations. This is going to generate excellent value and bring efficiency to basic business operations.

Simultaneously, DevOps will become more responsive and automated for the user. This is because they will have the power to describe their aim and have artificial intelligence to transfer them into code.

AI will assist companies in becoming meaner and leaner

Secondly, it is also going to change the way software is purchased and sold with people receiving updates they require from artificial intelligence. This will prevent them from throwing more dollars on the release from the developers.

Nevertheless, it does not indicate the expiry of commercial software development. It means that AI is going to assist companies to become leaner and leaner in some ways mentioned below.

  • Improved cost-planning
  • Enhanced market analysis
  • AI-based programming assistants
  • Compiling and automated testing
  • Efficient bug fixing

This will help in delivering enhanced products at a faster speed and increased customization levels, in comparison with traditional practices.

It will lead to the development of extremely customizable solutions

Software development companies will have to adjust to the new paradigm. One way is to begin concentrating on those phases of software development that cannot be automated easily. This can be done by shifting from improving platforms and programs to finding ways where various software systems can perform together.

The rise of AI will lead human developers to shift away from development processes and practices to creating extremely customizable solutions that can help to overcome more challenges.

Anyone will be able to create new programs virtually

Artificial intelligence is evolving day by day. This has led to more democratization of software development. Therefore, anyone can create new programs, and zero experience is required. Advanced developments and neural networks are allowing artificial intelligence to under plain speech.

As a result, anyone can demonstrate what they want and artificial intelligence will do the rest of the work. We have already witnessed smart homes, smart cars, and other devices and this procedure has hardly started.


After viewing the discussion above, we can clearly say that artificial intelligence will have a great impact on software development companies. Incorporating artificial intelligence will lead software developers to look at the broader aspects of the development phase and deliver a supreme quality end-product to the final customers.

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