How To Write An Essay On A Business Or Marketing Topic Faster

If you have ever had to write an essay on a very tight deadline, you would understand that it is painstaking. Writing a proper marketing essay will require all your planning and research skills since it is a technical niche. It is difficult enough to cover when relaxed and more so when writing the essay while chasing a deadline.

The first thing you need to know is that it is not wrong to ask for help. If writing these technical essays seem too challenging, especially on short notice, contact the services of an essay writer to help you. But if you would like to take on the challenge and improve your essay writing skills, here are seven ways to write a business essay faster:

Understand the topic

We recommend asking questions if you do not know enough about business and what aspects of these fields your essay should cover. Hopefully, your professor is easily accessible, but if they are not, find someone qualified to answer your questions and have them explain in detail to you. You can reach out to marketing professionals, brand strategists and small business owners on platforms like LinkedIn and Quora and learn from their experiences. When you have understood the topic, you can then craft a thesis statement and proceed from there, and by understanding the basis for your essay, you will likely spend less time writing it.

Create an ideal writing environment

Convenience should be one of the factors to consider when choosing a study space for writing your marketing essay. However, be wary of making your space too convenient to avoid getting distracted while writing. When choosing the perfect writing environment, get rid of things like posters, digital devices that aren’t relevant to writing your business essay, and all forms of clutter. Finally, ensure that the room is airy and well-lit to prevent unnecessary strain on your body, which can hamper the quality of ideas you generate.

Look for reviews online

If you are writing an essay in college that involves reviewing a business, you can save yourself time by looking through the reviews of past and present employees, and reading customers’ opinions. Take some time to go through the company’s reviews on Google My Business and you can get enough material to kickstart your work. You do not want to find out that you could have optimized your research methods and saved time by leveraging online reviews.

Put your phone away

You have no idea how productive you can become when you properly manage distractions. You may ask, ‘What harm can responding to an iMessage cause?’ But the moment a phone is in your hands, you could easily find yourself lost in the trends on your social media apps, and when you have an essay to complete quickly, you cannot afford to lose ground. If you must use your phone for research, look for tools that can block your social apps or restrict their data access for as long as you write.

Find relevant case studies to keep you going when experiencing writer’s block

When writing a business essay, you may encounter writer’s block, even if you understand the topic. An easy way to get through these blocks will be to search for case studies around the business topic you are writing on. Find as many as possible, and you do not have to read through all of them extensively. You can read the ones which relate to your topic the most and then skim through others to get pointers that will keep you writing.

Research while you write

Researching while you write sounds like a counterproductive measure, but it is not. As you search the internet for resources to make your argument in the essay, write them down like you would the actual piece. By the end, you will realize that you have an entire essay, albeit disjointed and incoherent. Afterwards, thoroughly edit, restructure and rewrite your points to fit the proper format of an essay. This approach is faster than researching before writing because with the latter, you will still have to search the internet again when it’s finally time to write.

Write statistics and facts separately and sieve through them later

To write a convincing marketing essay, you will need to state facts and figures to support your argument. This requirement can be dicey, as there are many research articles online, and each has different facts and figures. You can note facts and figures while you write and try not to input them immediately to avoid contradictions down the line.

Have all your points written down either inside your first rough draft or on another sheet. After you’ve rounded up the first draft, compare the statistics, then input the most recent and reliable ones. This way, you avoid the pitfall of citing outdated sources that could end up flawing your argument.

Do not try to edit while writing

You do not need to cross every t nor dot every I in the middle of writing, especially if you prioritize speed. When you try to edit in the middle of your essay, you will sometimes lose your thought and end up wasting time. With a deadline and the attention to detail you need for a business essay, you need first to let go of the editing.

You need to save editing for later after you’ve composed the essay. Go through the entire piece word for word. If you waste so much time editing while writing, you may end up losing precious final moments for editing and proofreading, thereby missing the deadline.

Final thoughts

When writing a business or marketing essay, you must understand that you are discussing a process that people use daily. You must do proper research and only include relevant facts in your paper. While these tips listed above would help you write a killer marketing essay in record time, having a tight deadline should not stop you from delivering a well-written and properly-researched business essay.

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