How to Get Started With YouTube Video Editing for Beginners?

From caging personal memories to expanding business online, videos play a vital role in every aspect of life. Undeniably, with the easy and availability of the camera in everyone’s pocket, shooting videos has been easier than ever before. However, shooting is only a part of the process. The real pain lies in the editing.

Ask any video maker, and they will tell you the same thing. Editing is one of the most integral parts of video production. Hence, learning how to edit videos is important.

Thankfully, a wide range of video editing software makes video production an easy job for beginners. Whether you are looking for a simple drag and drop editor or a full-fledged platform to sharpen your editing skills, the software listed here will help you kill your editing game.

But before naming some of the top video editing software, let’s first talk about some important things that every beginner must consider.

Things to consider before getting started:

  • What is the purpose of the final product?
  • Are you making a video for caging family memories or promoting business?
  • What platforms are you using?
  • What type of projects do you have to work on?
  • What types of videos are you aiming to edit?
  • Do you need a video editor for basic edits or a full-featured for complex ones?
  • Are you looking for free software, or can you afford to invest in getting the most out of a video editor?

Editing videos can be a really fun and easy chore if you take a few moments to figure out your exact requirements from the very beginning.

Is your computer capable of video editing?

You will perform all the video editing processes on your personal computer right? So, you need to first figure out whether or not your computer can handle the entire editing process. Remember, the more complex feature you aim to integrate into the editing, the more capable your computer should be. Thus, you must consider the processor, RAM, graphics card, storage, and internet speed of your computer for an uninterrupted editing experience.

Top 6 video editing softwares for beginners to get started:

#1. Movavi Video Editor Plus:

Movavi is an incredible video editor for beginners with creative minds. Whether you are looking for a unique outro video maker or an intro editor, aiming to add basic text or integrate animated titles, changing the background color or adding overlay effects, adding thematic stickers or tempting graphics, incorporating melodious music or voiceover, use Movavi to do anything you want. Thanks to its wide range of features that enable you to edit any kind of YouTube video.

Compatible: Windows and Mac

#2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC:

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the industry standard software with a steep learning curve and a wide array of features. The software is capable enough to do any kind of editing. Using this feature full tool, you can easily adjust colors, add text and transition, process audio, and modify the video. Since Adobe Premiere Pro CC is highly popular among users, you can find an enormous amount of content on the internet to learn how to use it.

Compatible: iOS, macOS, and Windows

#3. Nero Video:

Nero Video is a great video editing tool for beginners. The software entails an easy interface and straightforward editing features along with the Live Guide option that helps the users to navigate the platform. Nero Video contains more than 1000 templates, royalty-free music, and other exciting features to customize your video as per your needs and desires.

Compatible: Windows

#4. Shotcut:

Shotcut is a great choice for people on a budget. It is a free, open-source video editing platform for people who wish to move ahead from basic editing skills but don’t want a fully-featured tool. While the software does not meet the needs of complicated projects, it offers a user-friendly interface with a rich set of features. Customizable menu, configuration on multiple monitors, an array of filters and modifying options, mobility of tasks, automation of all work processes are a few of the most interesting features of Shortcut that are hard to find in any other platform.

Compatible: Windows, Linus, Mac, and OS X

#5. Apple iMovie:

Apple iMovie is a great choice for YouTubers who are amateur to intros, filters, and transition selection. The free video editor for Mac users allows making spectacular 4K-resolution video clips and Hollywood-style trailers easily and quickly.

Compatible: Mac

#6. Lightworks:

Lightworks is a high-end video editing software that offers a generous free license to all the camera operators, video intro makers, filmmakers, YouTubers, vloggers, and other creators. Whether it is a 4K film project, YouTube vlog, social media video, or any such thing, Lightworks is the best choice for you. Be it a small or big project, Lightworks is the perfect option for all.

Do you know Lightworks was the software of choice for editing many legendary movies like LA Confidential, Pulp Fiction, The Wolf of Wall Street, The King’s Speech, Heat, Hug, and many more?

Compatible: Windows, Linux, and macOS.

There are many video editing tools out there, and each of them is better than the other in some aspects. You can know more about such tools. The reality is that there is no good or bad video editor. You can just pick any of them that you are comfortable with and are prepared to use.

Extra editing tips for beginners:

  • Prepare and plan your shoot: If you don’t plan your shoot, the editing process can be frustrating.
  • Stay organized: You will need to add different files and filters (graphics, overlays, music, etc.) to your final composition. Keep everything organized so that you may easily use it when needed.
  • Consider music choices: Music can elevate your video’s overall mood, but it should not be distracting. Keep it soothing and complementary to the video.
  • Add subtitles: A small tip that will help non-native speakers better understand your content and increase the popularity of your video among them. And because this became a standard, it is the reason why you should add subtitles to videos.
  • Take breaks: Taking breaks is essential not only for your eyes’ well-being but also for improving video quality. Things can change, and you can easily pick the errors if you sit before the computer after some time. So, instead of constantly staring at your computer, consider taking small breaks.

These were a few tips and tricks that beginners can follow to edit their videos. Just select the right software and get editing!

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