How to Get Free Robux for Roblox

The primary currency of the Roblox game is known as Robux and it can be used for various purposes such as customizations, or upgrading tools. However, it is not always easy to earn Robux in the game and most players get frustrated when they reach the hard levels. When players get achievements in the game, they earn some Robux which is used as the currency to acquire certain upgrades or in-game customization features.

Many players always have the curiosity of exploring everything that seems interesting which makes them yearn for more Robux. It can be troubling for you if you run short of Robux in the game since it is not that simple to get them. Out of more curiosity, you might have checked the internet to see whether you can get free Robux.

Most probably, you landed in a variety of websites claim to have Robux generators that will help you get free Robux – but are they real? Not at all, totally fake. There are only a few proven ways on how to get free Robux. Before we discuss with you how you can set yourself free from the endless search, it is import to understand the Roblox game.

So, What Is Roblox Game?

Roblox Corporation is the sole developer of the Roblox game, an online gaming platform that comes with amazing features. The incredible imagination and the advancement in technology significantly improved the game to what we see today.

When the game was first developed, it was meant to be played with kids but it has become famous for teenagers and adults too because of its popularity and the intriguing experience for players. As a player, you get access to the coding system of Roblox that allows you to customize different features of their characters including outfits, faces and many more.

The main reason why Roblox has gained a lot of popularity over the recent years is that of the fun and entertainment generated by the social utility experience and full gaming background. If you want to enjoy the game you will need more Robux and now that you need free Robux, there are a few legit ways on how you can earn them.

Developer: Roblox Corporation
Price: Free

Legit Ways of How to Get Free Robux

  1. Earn free Rixty Codes

It is possible to earn free Rixty codes using point sites but they offered by very few sites. These codes allow players to add game credit to several online games including Roblox. There are many ways to earn Rixty codes such as newsletter sign-ups, completing short surveys and any other offer of your preference.

The points can be emailed to you when you complete a survey or signup to the company’s newsletter. The codes are offered to a particular individual and cannot be shared with several people so you are pretty sure they will be useful for your purpose.

Using Rixty codes to purchase Robux is very simple as you only need to log in to your account and select ‘Upgrade Now’. Select the form of payment as Rixty when purchasing the Builders Club subscription.

  1. Acquire the Builder’s Club Membership

Although it comes at a small cost, you get many rewards for purchasing the premium membership of the Builder’s Club. The good thing about this is that you get a certain amount of Robux which increases the more you increase your level of membership.

You get 15 Robux daily by purchasing the Regular or Classic Club Membership that goes for about $5.95 per month. If you upgrade to the Turbo membership level, you get 35 Robux daily that costs $11.95 per month. For those who want to experience more fun, you can go for the Outrageous membership level that gives you 60 Robux daily for about $19.95 per month. There are special starter kits provided by the company only if you are a member of the Builder’s club.

  1. Selling Collectibles and creations on Builder’s club

For you to sell anything on the Builder’s club, it is necessary for other people to be willing to buy the same collectible. You can even set your own price and it will notify you when the user wants to purchase your collectible. It is also fun to trade your collectibles with other Builder’s Club members. Rather than getting cash, you can exchange your collectibles for a reasonable amount of Robux for the same.

You can earn money quickly by trading Robux for your creations more so if you are a skilled scripter or builder. The Group Recruiting Plaza is the best place to start off. Attract more customers for the first time by charging little amount.


We came across as the most legal and genuine website on how to get free Robux for Roblox. All you need to do is complete a few simple tasks such as a short survey, or signing up for newsletters and many more. You earn specific points in exchange that can be traded for Steam Wallet Codes, PSN codes, Gift Cards, and most importantly, the Builders Club Memberships and Free Robux for Roblox. You can also earn 10% commission once you invite your friends. has received genuine reviews from the masses which makes it the best website for acquiring free Robux.

  1. Earn free Google Play Codes

Google Play Store has both premium versions that need to be paid for and free apps that can do not attract any charges. Google Play Cards and Codes can be used to purchase these apps without having to pay for anything. Do simple tasks such as completing surveys or subscribing to websites to earn these points that can be used to purchase apps, videos or games on the Play Store.

The same credits can be used to purchase the Roblox game. The best way to get free Google Play Codes to earn free Robux is through Google Opinion Reward, Tap Cash Rewards, Feature Points, AppNana, and Gift Box.

Wie bekomme ich Robux für Roblox
Wie bekomme ich Robux für Roblox
  1. Earn free iTunes Credit

Apple and iOS users can complete simple tasks to earn free points that can be redeemed for your game or to make other purchases in the Apple store. You can download the Roblox game using an iOS device if you are an Android user. Use your credit to purchase Robux.

Robux For Roblox Cheats $$
Robux For Roblox Cheats $$

Here is another legit website that allows you to get FREE Robux for Roblox. Just like you will have to perform some simple tasks. Use your PC browser, phone or tablet to access You need to follow specific instructions since each task carries its own description. Once done, click the claim menu to get your Robux rewards.

Why You Should Never Trust the Free Robux Generator Sites

Most websites will promise you free Robux while claiming to have updated generators that are extremely secure. All these are usually illegal and scam. What you never knew is that they are gaining from your efforts as you struggle to earn free Robux. The difference between the legit websites we have listed above and the ones termed as a scam is that after you complete the tasks they offer, you get lost in their spam loops.

How to Get Free Robux for Roblox

Worst of all, you might end up downloading malicious software that can harm your PC or make you a victim of identity theft. Most of these sites are full of malicious content and they try to win your trust with them because you are desperately in need of free Robux for your Roblox game. The reason why we advise you to stay away from such sites is that they make your vulnerable to hacks by compromising your security.

How to Avoid Robux Generator Site Scams

  • Enable the two-step verification

Using the security measures provided in your account, make sure you have enabled the 2-step verification in your Roblox game. Navigate to the Account settings, and then click on Security to enable the feature. The official FAQ article of Roblox can provide you with detailed information on the same.

  • Have a strong password

Just like any other account, ensure you have a strong password that is difficult to guess but only you can remember. Hackers can easily guess a weak password just by following up your account activity.

  • Always log off from your account on public devices

Any other person that comes after you can access your account if you leave it logged in a public device. Make sure you log out each and every time you use the public devices.

  • Never download a software

Most of these sites use a software to get into your PC or computing device. Never login to a pop-up you know nothing about or download a software.


You get endless possibilities with free Robux for Roblox game. It allows you to purchase virtual items, collectibles and create a fantastic world of gaming. Getting free Robux is not a simple task with the variety of scam websites out there. It is important that you stick with the legit options on how to get free Robux to avoid compromising your security. Lastly, it is fun to get free Robux through the right means as it improves your gaming experience and you can always satisfy your curiosity.

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