How to Become Successful with AdWords?

These days, most businesses rely on the internet more than anything else. Success depends entirely on whether you are capable to receive enough traffic from various sources. Social media and search engine optimization are two clear choices for the most popular methods, but pay per click ads can also help immensely.

Starting with it is not that hard. It will take time before you get adjusted and all that, but once you get the hang of basic principles, it will be nothing but positivity from there. And when you start, do not forget Clever Ads – AdWords tools as these will also be of great use.

And now to the most important part – tips that will help you run an efficient campaign and take the business to that next level.

Scheduling Ads

Did you know that having your ads up and running 24/7 does not make the highest amount of sense? It just so happens that you can show them when you want. It will take some time to test and determine which timeframes are the most effective. You may even find that some days of the week bring you very little results and putting more resources for other days would be better.

Demographics and Geotargeting

Search engines like Google or Bing are not something exclusive to a particular demographic. Everyone uses them. However, you should have a perfect targeted audience in mind. Otherwise, you will only end up wasting money for ads that will not have any effect.

Spend some time and think about what the demographics should be. Also, do not neglect geotargeting as some ads could bring you more benefits if they were created with local residents in mind. It could be a small area or an entire city. You get to choose.


Keeping track of your competition is not something to be worried about. Put all those thoughts about being unethical away. Everyone is already doing it, and looking at what ads from other businesses are like will be a good source of inspiration. You do not have to blindly copy every single thing, but there is no denying that success comes to those who make use of everything that is available to them.

Effective Ad Copy

Hardly anyone starts as a professional when talking about copywriting. It takes years to truly master this craft, and specific work, like the one with AdWords, is that much more difficult.

If you feel like your current ad texts are lacking and are underperforming because of a bad copy, consider hiring a freelancer. You can find a professional on websites like LinkedIn, Fiverr, or UpWork.

Keyword Research

There are a lot of components that make search engines what they are. Keywords happen to be one of the most important parts since you would not be able to get results without entering relevant phrases in the search engine.

No campaign is going to succeed without proper keywords. You want to emphasize unique and longtail ones since bidding on generic keywords is expensive, and you have to go up against fierce competition.

Optimized Landing Page

A well-optimized landing page will ensure that your bounce rate is not going up and you do not get penalties from Google. Also, keep in mind that more and more users are browsing on their smartphones and tablets.

Some individuals believe that a landing page is not important and they look to mislead people. Whenever someone clicks on the ad and gets redirected to something other than what the ad promised, well, it is easy to expect what kind of reaction that would get.

This type of marketing is long over. There is no room for trying to fool your potential customers. Be genuine and never mislead them.


Analytics tools are great since they are available for free but the information they provide can be priceless. You want to keep track of your campaigns and ensure that you are doing good.

It would be impossible to make the necessary adjustments without a proper amount of data. Every new campaign you start will be better so long as you have learned something from your previous campaigns.


You should keep in mind that PPC campaigns are all about trial and error. You can make changes in real-time. This allows you to do tests to your heart’s content and not lose any money whenever you make a slight adjustment.

If you are serious about becoming good at Google AdWords and pay per click in general, every minute spent working is another small step towards reaching that goal.

In summary, PPC is not rocket science and everyone can manage to create a successful campaign so long as they are persistent and willing to learn. Start slow and improve your understanding every day until you become comfortable enough to invest a bigger amount of money.

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