How To Become a More Technological Car Driver?

Automotive technology is facing a new era of development. For most of the 20th century, the car met the following characteristics: speed, innovation, appearance, personality, and escape. An automotive industry change in the 21st century. Electric cars and cars without drivers are already changing the modern concepts of the auto industry.

On BestForDriver, you can find everything, including the car jump starter. And while Elon Musk sends the car into space, more earthly manufacturers offer motorists tangible and useful technology.

Coffee by Nissan

The company offers to drink coffee, made thanks to an electric car. They demonstrated the concept of charging a car from home, where energy can be taken from a Leaf electric vehicle battery and directed to home maintenance. For example, you can connect a macchiato coffee machine with the technology of reflecting your image on coffee froth. What is not a morning selfie for you?

The system can save you energy by reducing utility costs. And the “car-home” system will be available as early as 2019.

Harmony from Harman

Samsung Harman has developed a customizable entertainment system designed so that passengers on Uber, Lyft and other travel sharing services can enjoy their audio preferences. Moreover, the concept of Harman Moodscape actively promotes the optimization of lifestyle, using customized features to embed comfort and entertainment on the car in everyday work. For example, on the eve of a serious meeting, you are looking for a way to focus. The Moodscape music theme will use the technology available in the car to synchronize with your calendar, recognize the GPS route and analyze biometric data to develop and provide exactly the music and atmosphere you need to feel focused and prepared.

The 5G connection from Kia

Kia has created a series of internal dashboard concepts for autonomous connected cars. One of them is mobile technology 5G. It allows you to use live communication in real time and with an incredible speed of data transmission to and from the car, which is very important for the implementation of self-propelled cars and UAVs.

Smart navigation by Mercedes-Benz

The What3Words navigation system has been in development since 2013, but with the launch of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class will become an example of a premium compact segment.

The Mercedes-Benz User Experience in the new A-Class will be the first chance to try it in a production car. The essence of the technology is in breaking the world map into three-dimensional squares of 3×3 meters each, which have a unique three-word code that is easier for a person to remember that zip code. And words can be completely incoherent and be your associations associated with that place. Just call the area code voice and MBUX will direct you to this square. The service can be used in the form of a free mobile application or an online map. It can also be embedded into any other application, platform, or Internet site with a few lines of code.

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