How Can Technology Help Keep Your Business Secure?

As technology continues to advance, the security threat to businesses also increases. If used correctly, businesses can use this ever-improving technology to deter criminals, whether they seek to damage a business through cyber attack, fraud or physical theft.

Software and hardware security

As businesses and customers rely more heavily on web-based technology for everyday tasks, it’s important that companies are constantly updating their software to ensure it’s safe from cyber attack.

No-one wants a repeat of the devastating global cyber attack that crippled the computers of the NHS and virtually brought the trust to a standstill and cost the UK taxpayers £92m. Businesses need to remain vigilant about the security of their IT systems to avoid such damaging consequences from an attack.

By taking simple precautionary measures, businesses can reduce their risk of falling victim to cybercrime. Attackers are savvy about finding weak points of entry into business systems and networks so ensuring staff are kept informed of techniques attackers use is a good place to start.

Weak passwords that are easily hacked are often the first point of entry for most cyber attacks- by simply informing staff about these dangers businesses can significantly reduce the risk of an attack.

Ensuring software is updated is essential and businesses should check all major software is up-to-date and running properly. This should be done routinely and in case the worse did happen it will make it easier for a business to pinpoint exactly where and how.

It’s projected that by 2025 nearly three quarters of the world will use just their smartphone to access the internet, this is great for mobile business- however, it opens the business up to hardware theft.

In best-case scenarios businesses can track devices, in the worst case, businesses need to be able to shutdown login capabilities remotely.

Cyber crimes are becoming a more and more of a threat in modern society, it’s therefore imperative that businesses have plans and preparation in place and staff know what to do.

Communication devices

Business are moving away from traditional communication devices in favour of mobile phones as a way of staying connected, but there’s a rise in the number of smartphone software breaches that highlight their vulnerability.

Hackers are targeting mobile devices with increasing frequency and it’s putting businesses at risk. One of the easiest and fastest ways a mobile is breached is through a simple text message that contains a malicious code.

Whether the hackers use the data for mal intent or simply as a way of causing disruption, businesses need to start readdressing their communication methods.

Two way radios should be the communication method of choice for businesses who are serious about their security. Because they have a dedicated frequency, using an RF generator (Radio Frequency) they can provide businesses with digitally encrypted communication making them the safest and most reliable way for businesses to communicate- there’s a reason why police forces and a host of other industries use two way radios.

Surveillance cameras

Not only do surveillance cameras increase the overall safety of a business and help to prevent crimes and break-ins they also have the psychological benefit for the managers too.

This is because once installed, managers can relax knowing they have done as much as possible to prevent or reduce crime.

It can be easy for a business to think that by simply installing surveillance cameras they have done all they can to prevent crime, but the type of camera and surveillance system used is important.

Most modern surveillance systems are Wi-Fi enabled and are perfect for smaller businesses as footage can often be viewed on a smartphone or tablet and means there’s no extra outlay for a security team to watch the footage.

If harnessed correctly, technology can help businesses operate securely. It’s impossible to predict where the next threat may come, but with planning and preparation it can help reduce the impact a security breach can have.

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