How Can Teaching Lifetime Fitness Benefit Me And My Students?

All educators will be aware that not all of the challenges faced by students are academic. Other factors that comprise a barrier to effective education can come in the form of the overall health of the student, particularly those who might be away from home for the first time and are subject to new influences they may not have been exposed to previously.

In fact, this removal from their home environment and any degree of parental oversight can cause many issues regarding self-management. Aside from the obvious mental health issues a change of this scale can cause, there can also be issues related to their physical health and fitness caused by lack of sleep or poor diet now that they lead more independent lives.

Teaching lifetime fitness

This will, naturally, have a knock-on effect on the student’s results in the classroom. So, apart from the obvious long-term benefits, one of the short-term benefits of courses like the  Fresno Pacific Teaching Lifetime Fitness Course is to provide educators with all of the tools they need to help improve the health of their students and improve their performance in a classroom environment.

This is one of the factors that need to be considered when calculating the cost-benefit ratio of a course like this. While this is a term you would normally only hear in a business conversation, when discussing the allocation of a limited resource like a teachers’ time, the analogy is appropriate.

If students are more attentive due to better overall health and fitness, then they can be easier to teach and take less of educators’ time resolving issues outside normal teaching hours. This also allows teachers to perform more effectively to the benefit of all of the students in the class.

Time and convenience

This initial benefit alone could prompt many educators to consider the financial cost of a course like this small by comparison. However, there are other benefits to the teacher, principally regarding the flexibility of this online course, another factor that educators consider very important.

Once enrolled, the educator would have a year of online access to complete the training, though it can be completed in as little as three weeks. This means it can fit in alongside other commitments and does not involve the teacher having to attend a campus or sacrifice evenings or weekends to complete the course.

Additional benefits

There are also other benefits to be considered. Exposure to a course like this, combined with the accepted belief that we learn better while teaching others, can lead the educators themselves to apply many of the principles themselves and reap both the short-term and long benefits of teaching lifetime fitness to their students.

Overall, it could be considered that the benefits of this course, both in immediate measurable results in the classroom, as well as those enjoyed by students as they live a healthier and possibly longer life, outweigh any of the time and financial costs involved.

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