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Shopify provides a three-step growth process to its partners so that they can grow their business and make monthly revenues. It is a broad group of classes of experts such as engineers, marketers, developers, and affiliates who can use the Shopify partner login and build various things.

The three growth methods are as follows:

  • By referring clients to the Shopify platform
  • By creating various themes for the Shopify platform and selling them on the theme store
  • By creating apps and sell them on the app store provided by Shopify

In simple words, it is a multiple channeled platform that will let them sell anything from anywhere.

Let us have a look at the various benefits of becoming a Shopify partner.

Benefits of Shopify partners

When you visit the Shopify partner account, you will get access to various courses for training and documentation and many other resources that will let you know more about the Shopify platform and the necessary steps that are required to grow your business.

Additionally, you will get a surpassing edge over your competitors as The Shopify Partner Program lists its partner designers and developers on its site and offers them a distinctive sales channel. The entire program is a varied arrangement of marketers, affiliates, developers, and designers, who collectively utilize the Shopify channel to create numerous ecommerce themes, websites, and applications. Ongoing monthly revenue is promised if you’re counting your Shopify partner benefits. Not just that, Shopify ensures that its partners get the best opportunities to expand their business and are able to make revenue on a monthly basis, other than providing them with an extra sales window by listing them on their site..

There are three great ways in which Shopify extends these benefits to its partners:

  • It allows partners to publish their ecommerce themes in the Shopify Theme Store when they create them on Shopify
  • It allows partners to publish their apps in the Shopify App Store when they create them on Shopify
  • The ability to refer clients to Shopify

Moreover, you can always get the quick support of Shopify customer support.

Here are the various benefits of Shopify Partner Account:

Higher discounts

Shopify partners get the privilege of getting high discounts on a number of software and services that would come handy for the growth of your business. It is categorized into two parts, the first one is available for all the partners of Shopify while the other one is only for the certified experts of Shopify.

You can check the various benefits that are available to you when you do Shopify partner login.

Get access to the partner academy

There is an academy for the Shopify partners which acts as an online training center that provides certification too. The program consists of several courses that will allow you to learn a lot more about the Shopify program and take your business to the next level.

How to get started as a Shopify partner?

While the partner’s program is completely free for everyone, it also enables you to get your hands dirty with the Shopify platform by performing unlimited tests on the sample stores. You will get paid for each client that registers through your referral, each theme that you sell, and each application that you develop.

Furthermore, there are several benefits of registering as a partner and doing a Shopify partner login. You will be getting exclusive access to various materials for marketing, features, and access to a helpful community when you register as a Shopify partner.

You can easily get started by just creating an account.

How do you get paid in the Shopify partner program?

The schedule for the payments of the Shopify partner program is as follows:

  • The credits which are made during the 1st and the 15th of the current month will get the payment within 5 days of the 15th of every month.
  • The credits that were made during the 16th and further dates of the current days will get their payment within 5 days after the last day of the following month.

The payments will be delivered through the PayPal walled in the currency of US dollars. The payment will occur two times a month if you have got more than $25 in your wallet. The payment will be put on hold and will be paid in the next month if you don’t have a minimum amount of 25 dollars in your wallet.

Furthermore, if you wish to cancel your partner account and never wish to do Shopify partner login again then make sure that you have more than 25 dollars in your account, otherwise, you won’t be paid.

How can you work on a live shop without making any adverse effect on it?

There are three ways to do it. Let us discuss them one by one:

By using a development store

First of all, you need to download the theme that you are using from theme pages that you can find in the shop. Then you are required to upload the exact same theme to the development store. This will act as a rough copy of your main store and you can test whatever you want to do there.

When you are done with the editing part, you just need to follow the same steps to download the theme from your development store and upload it to the main store that you own.

By making use of a theme editor

If you use a MAC device then you can enjoy editing the theme with the help of the desktop theme editor that is available for the MAC device.

Furthermore, you can also use the Shopify theme kit so that you can modify your theme with the help of any text editor that you want.

The Shopify platform provides support for a number of themes, therefore, you can export a fresh copy of the theme that you have developed and can put it inside the themes tab.

Best practices for stores that use third party themes

If you are among those people who have developed a store by using a third party themes then you are required to transfer the theme to your client. In order to do that you first need to determine that if the code requires any customizations while you transfer it to your client or after transferring.

Here are the various practices under different circumstances:

Condition when code needs customizations: If the theme that you provided to the client requires the need for code modification then you need to first purchase the theme. This is to be done by you on behalf of the client and you can charge him afterward for it. Then you can just handoff the store in order to get your credit card removed from their account.

Condition when the code does not need any modifications: If the theme that you have used for the website of your client does not require any modifications then you can just leave the theme as it is on a free trial. The client will purchase it on his own after the free trial ends. Furthermore, the client does not need to spend even a single penny for the applied theme until he chooses to publish the theme on his website. They can either publish the theme or can get its code customized even after you have transferred it to them.

Tools in Shopify partners

There are several tools that you can access through the client resources section. There you can get brochures, information, and flyers that you can share with your customers. It also provides banners and logos that will help you to brand yourselves properly as being a Shopify partner.

Furthermore, you will also receive a monthly newsletter that covers up various things that will help you learn more about Shopify and promotion and other information about it. Furthermore, Shopify provide an easy and 24/7 available customer support team that will help anytime you require an excellent and professional aid regarding the needs of your Shopify partner program.

You can access the contact page and can reach them through live support through your partner dashboard.


That was all about partnering with Shopify.

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