Four Pillars of a Good Software Development Companies

There are several software development companies across the world. You may be aware of one near you. Most of these companies are working hard to maintain a tremendous reputation while others are not. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the reason why some of these companies are successful than their peers.

There are four pillars that can help you find the reason behind the success of most of the software development companies near you. These factors are the building blocks for these software developers in the long run. On the other hand, companies that ignore these factors suffer consequences in the long term as well. Continue reading the article for more details.

1- Information Security

Like other companies, you’re greatly concerned about your business’s security than in the previous centuries. There is increased attention to the privacy of the customers’ information. Therefore, you don’t want any of your data to be exposed to the public by unauthorized persons. For that reason, you’re paying increased attention to the information security that software development companies are offering.

The software developers have to create systems that don’t allow any leakage of your private or confidential information. It is these applications that the business world wants to meet their needs. As a result, you may hire a third-party software security experts to guide, test and monitor your system.  You want to ensure that you have adequate security. In some instances, you may have abandoned a new system for you felt that it was a threat to information security.

Investing in training and awareness programs to ensure that your workforce has adequate knowledge to mitigate cybersecurity may also be your priority. However, you would want to partner with a software developer that is security-oriented.

2- Customized Software Development That Is User-Friendly

Most of the software developers near you are product-based companies. For such a company to succeed in the long run, it has to be flexible. You don’t want to buy ready-made products and use them as they are because there is no single product that is designed to meet the needs of an entire organization. Thus you want a product that is customized according to your requirements or needs.

A software development company can only be successful when it follows a customized approach. That means that it has to keep the user in mind and to provide an enhanced level of user experience. Additionally, good developers make follow-ups with their customers to ensure that the product is aligned with their vision.  Sadly it is only a few software companies near me that implement customize products to the level that meets their customers’ expectations or applies user experience approach.

3- Reputation in the Sector

Every brand is concerned about its reputation. For that reason, software development companies across the globe are interested in their reputation and would want to maintain it.  Before entering into an agreement with any developer, you have to first investigate the vendors’ past history to avoid getting disappointed.

Excellent software developers document their progress in a manner that’s easy for you to follow along. They do so by sending you a weekly report with objectives that they have accomplished from the previous week. They give you priority objectives for the following week as well as identified risks with the undertaking that you need to know. It is these weekly reports that collectively gives you the entire scope of the project.

Another aspect is that can interfere with the developer’s reputation is accountability. Software developers are stewards of your time and money when there working with you. Part of being accountable is documentation of the progress of your project. When they document their processes, you’re able to go back and verify if what they have delivered is what you had agreed.

Thus, documentation holds developers accountable and serves as evidence that you did a project together. When you’re happy with the process and product, you’re likely to give a positive review or recommend such a company to other businesses. Therefore, software companies that have maintained an excellent positive reputation are likely to be successful. These companies are successful because several customers want to deal with them. Thus they seek their assistance without any doubts. Software development companies strive to maintain a positive reputation to attract more customers.


4- Software Development Companies Teams’ Experience

For a software development company to be successful, it has to have a team with experience. The workforce is responsible for releases and customers’ products. Therefore it needs a clear understanding of how to get work done. Their experience is a pillar, for it determines the company’s overall success in the long run. Software development companies encounter several negative and unforeseen consequences when working on a project. However, the project is not halted because of such occurrences, but the experienced team provides appropriate solutions, and the project continues as planned. For instance, an unknown variable can arise and may drive costs up or interfere with the schedule.

Integrating with third-party applications is a process that should be smooth; however, underestimating the complexity of such an undertaking can delay a project or require an additional budget to cater to other software or hardware. It means that you will be affected since your budget or schedules will have to change, yet you thought it’s written on stone.  Experienced developers should make pretty good estimates regarding the complexity of the integration. For that result, you’re seeking partnerships with software development companies with top-notch talents. With an experienced team, the company is telling the world that you can trust them to deliver your product successfully and up to your expectations.


As you can see, a software development company needs to meet the four pillars for it to be successful. The software development industry is very competitive; thus, to survive, developers have to keep their customers happy.

They achieve this when they meet their expectations and provide tremendous assistance. Therefore, customers are seeking developers that have the four pillars of success. This is made evident by the reviews and recommendations from their partners.

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