Cool Gadgets that Make Camping Easier

Roughing it in the wild isn’t for everyone. Tech-savvy individuals might not like the idea of spending several days without access to their social media accounts or their emails.

Luckily, modern gadgets and accessories can help make camping trips more enjoyable. While you might not be able to access the internet if you’re out of the range of a cell tower, you can still find some high-tech inspired gear to keep with you until you’re back into the land of civilization.

Considering throwing some of the following into your bag to help make you more comfortable on your next adventure into the wilderness.

Solar-charged lanterns or flashlights

Solar-charged devices are handy for when individuals are going camping several nights in a row. Battery-powered lanterns or flashlights might need several battery changes before the trip is over. It can be expensive to purchase batteries in bulk and heavy to tote them around. A solar-charged lantern or flashlight can be placed outside during the day to recharge and then used throughout the night. Some of the fancier solar-charged lanterns and flashlights have USB ports in them so that they can also recharge cell phones.

Portable charger

Even if there is a lack of cell phone reception out in the wilderness, some individuals might want to bring a cell phone along so that they can listen to music or play games. Cell phone batteries drain quickly, however. Portable cell phone power banks make it easy to recharge phones, even when you’re out in the middle of nowhere. Simply charge the power bank before the trip and then use it throughout the trip to keep your cell phone at 100%.

Waterproof earbuds

If you enjoy listening to music while you’re hiking, you might be tempted to pop in a pair of wireless earbuds. Wireless earbuds that connect via Bluetooth make it possible to leave your phone safely in your backpack. The only problem with wireless earbuds on a camping trip is that it might rain or that you might forget to take them out before you go swimming. This is where waterproof wireless earbuds come in handy. They function exactly like all other wireless earbuds, but they can be used in and around water.

Weatherproof camera

Camping trips can be a great time for making family memories or for discovering amazing sights. If you’re going to scenic locations on your camping trip, you’re going to want to bring a camera. While camping in the woods, there is a good chance you’re going to get a bit dirty, so it is understandable if you don’t want to risk damaging your cell phone. Weatherproof cameras are built to withstand water. Some of them are also rugged to help prevent the lens from shattering if the camera is dropped. Many cameras these days also transfer photos directly to your computer, so when you’re back home and connect to WiFi, you’ll be able to easily transfer your photos so you can decide which ones you want to print.

GPS watch

Directionally-challenged folks might benefit from a watch that has a built-in GPS. These devices are often used by runners to help track miles, but a GPS watch can also provide directions. This is handy for when you’re out on the trails and need help navigating your way back to your campsite. Many of these watches have other features as well, such as compasses, alarms, and weather tracking. Many of these devices do need access to WiFi or cellular data, however.

UV flashlights

Even the most adventurous of individuals might get squeamish at the idea of a scorpion crawling into tree tents – Globo Surf. If you’re going camping in an area that has dangerous critters, consider investing in a UV flashlight. A UV flashlight helps make critters such as scorpions glow fluorescent. There are a range of UV flashlights available, from large ones that cover a wide area to tiny ones that can easily fit into your pocket. Check out this guide to UV flashlights to find one that best meets your needs.

Personal water filter

Water bottles can be cumbersome to carry around. However, the water from streams, ponds, and other bodies of water will often contain harmful bacteria and parasites that could make you sick. Typically, it is recommended that you boil water before you drink it. However, if you have a personal water filter, you do not have to wait to boil water before you can enjoy a refreshing drink. A personal water filter, such as the LifeStraw, is a neat little device that can easily be thrown into your backpack. The filtration system in the device then filters out the majority of waterborne diseases.

Bluetooth speaker

Waterproof earbuds have already been mentioned, but what if you want to enjoy music with a larger group of people? A Bluetooth speaker can easily connect to your phone without needing extra wires and can then easily blast music that the entire campground can enjoy. Most portable speakers are lightweight and can easily be thrown into a backpack. No matter if you’re sitting beside the campfire, going on a hike, or going for a swim, you can enjoy listening to music with a Bluetooth speaker. Just remember to bring a way to charge your phone!

Solar-charged fan

Camping and hiking in the summertime can be uncomfortable because of how hot the weather gets. If you have your heart set on camping in the summer but don’t want to deal with the heat, invest in a solar-charged fan. A solar-charged fan can be hung within the tent at night to help keep things cool. During the day, the fan can be set outside so that it can recharge. Some fans come with additional features, such as lights or USB ports.


Camping doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your technology! There are a number of gadgets that you can take camping with you to help make your trip a little easier. Just don’t spend your entire trip staring at a screen, however. Camping is a great way to detach from the everyday grind and reconnect with yourself.

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