Boost your search rankings and discoverability with a list of Instagram hacks

Instagram is unarguably a viable marketing platform. With numerous users all over the world waiting to witness your content, there has to be a way to reach them and create further scopes for them to engage with your posts or brand.

The answer is simple. It’s SEO for IG. To start the game, start with Instagram profile optimization. Driving traffic to your IG account won’t help you in the long run if you don’t optimize your profile to ensure the best user experience.

  • You can of course buy 20 Instagram likes from reputable websites, but you need to optimize your account first. Make a public profile and choose a pro-brand, colorful profile picture.
  • Create a searchable and recognizable username. You need to create an easily discoverable business name. Register yourself as an IG business account for that purpose.
  • Put a traceable link in your bio as well.
  • Don’t forget to put a primary keyword in your username and display name. Insta has its self-driven search engine. Channelize the app features to soar atop the search rankings.

The SEO game

You might remember that IG has already introduced a new set of keyword searches that don’t necessitate hashtags. The platform lets you use keywords to discover posts. For example, if you search “Amazon carnivorous plant”, Insta will populate many recommendations in the concerned search results that entail the same keyword.

  • Experts say that Instagram considers numerous factors to do it. These are the type of content, timing of the post, and captions.
  • The platform also integrates machine learning to locate the highest quality and relevant content for its users.
  • It means if you can optimize your IG posts for different relevant keywords by including alt text, descriptive captions, and more, they may surface in keyword search results.
  • Do remember that IG currently delivers search results for a limited set of keywords.
  • Your name and username are two most crucial factors here. If you’re looking to rank a keyword like “drums”, it’s a good idea to use that keyword in both your username and name because both are searchable on IG.
  • Another viable way is to create your own unique and alternative text. It’s a contemporary feature that allows you to pen down custom text, which enriches your photo descriptions.

Enhance the rankings

Creating a lifestyle brand is a great idea to generate clicks. People love sharing, commenting, and interacting because it’s pretty addictive.

  • A great way to drive more traffic is to run contests, giveaways, and promotions with stupendous prizes.
  • Giveaways are unarguably one of the best methods to boost engagement and attention on the platform.
  • Suppose you have a lifestyle or travel brand; you can combine the contests with lifestyle snapshots. A lot of fashion and travel bloggers and brands are doing this to spike their operations.

The first step to conduct a successful IG contest is to include the friends of your friends. For instance, you don’t want one bloke to enter the contest or promotion. You can give away many versions of the same service or product to folks who tag one of their pals.

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