15 Best Torrent Sites for 2021

The torrent landscape seems quite different than it used to be at the beginning of last year. They have faced a great amount of pressure from media giants, authorities and copyright holders who have threatened to shut down all these torrent sites.

Despite some of the best torrent sites being faced off from the picture, a variety still stands firm throughout 2021 and the years to come. Before we go into the list of torrent sites, it is important to understand what torrents are.

Definition of a Torrent

A torrent site is usually comprised of the torrent itself, leechers, seeders, and peers. A torrent is a small file with a specific content that is related to the file you want to download. What is being downloaded is called a torrent but its downloading speed will depend on seeders, leechers or peers.

Seeders are people who uploaded the file to the torrent site while leechers are those who download the file. Peers, on the other hand, are people who download the file and share it with others.

It is very difficult to get a good torrent site since most of them serve malicious torrent files that can cause great harm to your computer. We have done a thorough research of the best torrent torrenting sites to help you get rid of this problem.

Using these sites, you can download any type of media such as software, games, movies, and songs. Our list is based on the quality of torrent files, popularity, traffic rank and our personal experience with all these sites.

Top 15 Best Torrent Sites for 2021– Most popular and Trusted

1- The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay mostly referred to as “King of torrents”, tops in the list as one of the oldest and popular torrent sites. It is the most resilient torrent site of the galaxy despite years of lawsuits and threats of a shutdown by the Swedish police.

Technology is changing and several clone versions of The Pirate Bay have risen to outsmart the competition. We recommend using the original version of The Pirate Bay to avoid the clones that are susceptible to hackers and have security flaws. Check out how cloning technology works and how it can benefit us in the future.

With the original version of The Pirate Bay, you can download any of your preferred torrents without any hassle.

It stands on top of other torrent sites because of the appealing interface and quality torrent files. The wide database of the original Pirate Bay generates quality download links for your favorite torrent files.

Torrent site type: Torrent Search engine/ download site

Alexa Rank: 102

Website: http://thepiratebay.org

Reason for popularity:

The Pirates Bay has been around for a long time and the original version has always provided the most trusted torrents for download.

2- RarBG


RarBG competes as one of the best torrent sites for 2021 ever since it came into existence. Here, you can get almost all categories related to the torrent files you want to download. This implies that RarBG has a wide database that meets the demands of every user. Check out the IMDB rating of the torrent file when you want to download movies and then click the download button.

It is also important to note that RarBG is banned in other countries such as the UK, Denmark, India, and Portugal. You can bypass these bans using a VPN service to gain access to RarBG if you live in countries where RarBG is restricted.

It has grown over the past years with a huge user base and various comments on different torrents. It also hosts the latest torrent files and they are available for different categories.

Torrent site type: Forum based torrent site

Alexa Rank: 279

Website: http://rarbg.to

Reason for popularity:

RarBG stands out for with a huge community posting feedbacks on various torrents and the site is easy to understand for beginners.

3- TorrentZ2


If you want to catch the latest media you should try TorrentZ2, one of the best torrenting sites on the list. It is a super torrent index with a metasearch engine. It is one of the features that distinguishes TorrentZ2 from its former – Torrentz.EU.

TorrentZ2 keeps the spirit of its original alive by providing healthy torrents for download. The site only listed torrent hashes at the time of writing and there were no longer any links to the external torrent sites. It still has a future and the site remains functional with the plugins and browser add-ons.

You can always give TorrentZ2 a try if you can’t find what you are looking for in other torrent sites. It has a simple interface with an easy downloading procedure.

Torrent site type: Torrent search engine

Alexa Rank: 299

Website: http://www.torrentz2.eu

Reason for popularity:

TorrentZ2 is a search engine that collects results from over 30 best torrenting sites before displaying the results. It is very easy to use for beginners.

4- YTS.ag

yts torrent

YTS.ag is another BitTorrent tracker with a heavy specialization in movies. It has an awesome interface with an impressive number of movies available with high definition – 720p, 1080p, 3D and much more. Users with low bandwidth usually value the option to choose a movie quality which seems a unique feature among best torrent sites.

It is important to note that YTS.ag has specialized in providing torrent files on different movies only. If you needed some torrent games or software you can always find them in other torrent sites on our list. With YTS.ag, you can download your favorite movies instantly with only a single click.

It provides high-quality links and the torrent sire has many modern and latest items in its huge database. You can give TYS.ag a try since the system has a very good speed.

Torrent site type: Movie Torrent Site

Alexa Rank: 600

Website: http://yts.ag

Reason for popularity:

YTS.ag allows its users to download their favorable movie torrents at blazing speeds.

5- Limetorrents


Limetorrents offers a better alternative for those who seek quality torrent files for download. It has a health indicator on each side of a torrent file that guides the leechers on the genuine files they should download.

You can also check out the number of seeders and leechers in the interface. It has a very simple and well-organized layout where you can find all kinds of movies, videos, music, software, games and much more. You can make it simpler when locating a torrent file by searching using categories.

Limetorrents has always been a reliable torrent site and not only provides quantity but also focusses on quality of contents. It harbors old torrent files that cannot be found in other torrent sites.

Torrent site type: Torrent Download site

Alexa Rank: 1234

Website: http://www.limetorrents.cc

Reason for popularity:

Limetorrents has a wider database as you can expect to finder old torrent files that are not available in other torrent sites.

6- 1337X


1337X is a torrent site that made its way to the top after other best torrenting sites ceased to exist. A complete revamp of the 1337X site made a significant leap in traffic ever since it was founded in 2007. It is a powerful torrent site with a new and clean index page.

With 1337X, you can easily download your favorite torrent files as it has a wide range of TV shows, movies, games, and software. This torrent site might not have a similar ad-free experience and user base like some other sites we have mentioned in our list but it has the best overall look and a feel of the class.

1337x torrent site has a dedicated group of uploaders who provide fresh and unique content. You can easily get your popular torrent file because of its huge database and committed efforts.

Torrent site type: Torrent Download site

Alexa Rank: 1586

Website: http://1337x.to

Reason for popularity:

It has a very large database that makes it easier to get all types of torrents based on their age.

7- Zooqle


Zooqle has remained under the radar for years. Its ever-growing user base boasts over three million verified torrents. It is one of the best torrenting sites that has made it to the top 15 this year. It rose to the top ever since the original Kickass torrent shut down.

What distinguishes Zooqle from other best torrent sites is that one has to create an account for them. With Zooqle, you are sure to get healthy torrent files in different categories such as TV shows, music, movies and much more.

It is also possible to search any files from this site and the file can be downloaded easily. This makes it very friendly for beginners and other users who value the torrents. You can download your favorite file in the zipping format and then extract it once it has been downloaded.

Torrent site type: Torrent download site

Alexa rank: 2302

Website: https://zooqle.com

Reason for popularity:

Zooqle verifies torrents before they can be uploaded and scrapes from other torrent sites. This provides the most comprehensive collection of options.

8- Torrent Hound

Torrent Hound

Torrent Hound is not only popular but also one of the best torrent sites for 2021. It continued to gain popularity and huge traffic from day one ever since it was founded in 2007. Torrent Hound currently has a very big Database of torrents and users who upload and download files of different categories.

You will get detailed information at the home page about the total number of trackers, torrents, seeders, and leechers. It also shows the number of total downloads and visitors per day. Everyone likes being updated on current trends or media.

With Torrent Hound, you will get the most viewed and download torrent sites in the past 24 hours. This torrent site provides its users with free and good quality torrents.

Torrent site type: Torrent download site

Alexa Rank: 1956

Website: http://torrenthounds.com

Reason for popularity:

It has a huge database of the latest torrents files where you can download your favorite media.

9- Torrents.me


Torrents.me is a torrent site that has benefited from a significant increase in traffic in the year 2021. It is a meta-search engine that sources magnet links from various torrent sites and has direct links to torrent files. If you are searching for the latest music or movies then you can always expect to find them in Torrents.me.

In addition, this torrent site allows you to search your favorite contents in the English and Spanish languages. Torrents.me stand out as one of the best because it offers searches from other torrent sites. It lists different torrent sites and then separates them into categories that are different.

There are best torrent sites you can find for movies or music by visiting the relevant page of the category.

Torrents site type: Torrent search engine

Alexa Rank: 2141

Website: https://torrents.me

Reason for popularity:

Torrents.me expand its search database by harvesting data from other sites that also search different torrent files.

10- Idope


Idope is a relative newcomer in the world of best torrent sites having been launched in 2016. Over the past year, Idope has steadily increased their audience with similar traffic numbers to Zooqle. Basically, it is a torrent search engine with a color combination that looks really funky.

It has a simple web interface that is easily accessible. People who are new to the world of torrents will find the site’s navigation amazing to use. If you want to get your desired torrent list in the search results, simply select the category in the header section.

You can also view the size and age of the torrent as well as the number of files on the homepage. It is one of the torrent search engines where users do not experience annoying ads.

Torrent site type: Torrent Search Engine

Alexa Rank: 2358

Website: https://idope.se

Reason for popularity:

It has very smooth usability and you can easily share your items with just a few clicks.

11- Torlock


If you have been using Kickass torrent for some time then you will agree that its interface is designed similar to Torlock. It has some extra features that make it different from the rest of the other torrent sites. Torlock handles a wide database of software, movies and much more.

What impresses most users about Torlock is that each and every torrent has been categorized perfectly and you can easily get the torrent file you have been searching for.

It also strives to provide its audience with quality contents to avoid being pulled down from the list. Those who search for genuine torrents will surely find them in Torlock.

Torrent site type: Torrent download site

Alexa Rank: 4,738

Website: http://torlock.com

Reason for popularity:

Torlock’s index harbors torrents that have been verified.  In a situation where some of the torrents have not yet been verified, they are often flagged and later removed from the site.

12- EZTV.ag


EZTV.ag is a free and one of the best working torrenting site for the TV serials. You can easily find all TV serials in this free torrenting website according to date. They are always available in good picture quality and users can download any file based on their interests.

Like most other torrent sites, the original EZTV distributing group for TV torrents shut down following after acquisition. EZTV.ag has its own releases of torrents. There are other torrent sites that have banned some releases as a result of the controversy.

EZTV.ag is a release group that has operated on other popular torrent sites such as Kickass Torrents and The Pirate Bay. It has advertisement links attached to the main options which make it not visually appealing like other popular torrent websites.

Torrent site type: Forum based torrent site

Alexa rank: 5329

Website: http://eztv.ag

Reason for popularity:

It is one of the torrent sites that mostly provides TV series in their database.

13- Skytorrents


It is very difficult to find a torrent site without ads. Skytorrents became one of the ads-free torrent sites when it first showed up. Although they are not the first to start off this way, it is one of the factors that change their tune when visitors start flocking in.

The main motivation of Skytorrents is to allow its users download any torrent files of their favorite media content without being bothered by the annoying ads. Skytorrents has made a lot of concessions in the general functioning of the site as well as the design.

It delivers surprisingly fast results. It is a clean search engine that runs from a CentOS operated server but with popular tools such as MySQL or PHP. Furthermore, there is an additional tool that counterchecks whether the torrents are genuine.

Torrent site type: Torrent Search engine

Alexa Rank: 7541

Website: https://www.skytorrents.in

Reason for popularity:

Skytorrents has an algorithm that validates and marks torrents that are genuine.

14- Elitetorrent


Elitetorrent is best for those who want to download torrent files of the featured movies, trending series, and latest release. It is a torrent site that was purposely designed for TV series and movies as they are the only media you are likely to find here.

It is important to note that you will get a lot of popup ads on this site just like many other torrent downloading sites. Although this may irritate you, Elitetorrent still stands in the list as one of the best torrent sites where you can download quality and healthy torrents.

It is very easy for beginners to download any torrent from this site as you only need to enter the torrent before you click the download button.

Torrent site type: Movie and TV series torrent site

Alexa Rank: 11,022

Website: https://www.elitetorrent.biz

Reason for popularity:

It is well-known for downloading high-quality torrents for the latest movies and TV series.

15- IsoHunt


IsoHunt has a variety of features that make it feature in our list of the top 15 torrent sites. Although it might have the most irritating ads, we cannot overlook the good side of this torrent site. IsoHunt has a large community and a huge user database that allows torrent fanatics to download and upload different nature of torrents.

You can always find the best torrents that you have always been searching for but unable to find in other torrent sites. It is also one of the torrent sites that has suffered a series of closure because of lawsuits. IsoHunt now strives to provide unique content to its users to avoid the risk of being downgraded from the competition. You can browse from a lot of contents in the site to get your favorite torrent file.

Torrent type site: Torrent download site

Alexa Rank: 11704

Website: https://isohunts.to

Reason for popularity:

It has a very impressive interface and contains a wide database of torrent files.

Is Torrent Downloading Safe?

Torrent downloading is becoming more dangerous every day without additional protection. This comes as a result of increased activity on behalf of law enforcement authorities. We advise against sharing of copyrighted material. Although most of the P2P file sharing are termed as legal, a variety of files traded through P2P are usually copyrighted.

Anyone who uploads the copyrighted files through the torrent sites is at high risk of a civil lawsuit in Canada, the USA, the UK, and Australia. The P2P civil lawsuits against the defendants attract extreme emotional and financial burden. The copyright plaintiffs may also request a series of your upload and download activity from your ISP.

It is important to learn how a torrent site works and how you can protect yourself from danger. There are ways in which you can download the files you are after in the most efficient and safest way possible.

Should I use a VPN?

Most people choose to hide their IP addresses using VPN services. This makes your online activity untraceable and no one can easily determine your exact location. Using a VPN, you can also access any torrent site that is blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Some of the most recommended VPN services that guarantee privacy protection include ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and Private Internet Access VPN.


As we end our discussion on the best torrent sites for 2021, you will notice that most of the above-mentioned torrent search engines recommend using VPN services. They also advertise some of the best VPNs that can help you hide your IP address to protect your privacy. They have a very good reason for that. Having users protect their privacy means that these top torrent sites are also safer since they always strive to stay open. A VPN can always help you when downloading your favorite files from these sites to keep the Torrents alive. The best torrenting sites also have their own strengths and weaknesses. It is important to understand each one of them carefully to allow you choose the best site for torrenting.

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