Are PDFs more secure than Word documents?

The Portable Document Format or PDF has become the most popular choice of file type for organizations and individuals who are concerned about the security of the documents that they transmit online. Several reasons have been advanced for the popularity of PDFs, and among them is security.

By using portable document format (PDF) DRM tools, file owners can prevent anyone from unauthorized accessing secure documents. With PDF, it’s much easier to establish proper protective measures that lock down your document, while reducing potential security threats.

The PDF file has lots of security features that can help keep it more secure. Companies and individuals can create documents that are professional and secure. This type of content will always remain safe no matter the circumstances. If it is intercepted by someone who has ill intent, there is nothing much that they can do with this kind of document because a security password may be required to open it.

Conversely, Word failed miserably in providing these security features. Word is indeed very popular, but since it’s prone to viruses and other forms of attacks, the security challenge of using it remains. Word is attacked by malware and several other kinds of threats, and this is why PDF will always remain a better option.

PDF files allow users to protect files using additional lines of security such as passwords. This means that the probability of those files getting malware is reduced considerably. High-quality security options that are synonymous with PDF ensure that the integrity and the quality of the document are maintained.

Security aside, the extra capabilities that PDF offer is also a plus for the users. After converting to a PDF format; the old format can be maintained. This makes it possible for the users to save videos, 3D graphics, and other file formats easily. You can also use  PDF mail merge to create one amazing document from small separate pieces of documents or from different sections of a huge document.

Additionally, these files employ a compression algorithm, so people can add sounds, video content, and images effortlessly without getting worried about the size of the space that is available.

The functioning of Microsoft Word is somewhat different because the Meta information gets saved within the file, and this contributes to making the size of the file bigger. The effect of this is that more storage space will be required. This also leads to an overloaded computer memory over time, therefore creating unnecessary problems.


Before you choose which format you should use, there are several things that you should know. You should ask yourself about the amount of cyber security that your document demands. If it’s something that demands lots of file secrecy, then keeping it in PDF file format would be the best thing to do.

These days, storage space can be expensive, and finding a way for compressing your files helps in the long run. You should know that invasion by viruses can damage your file, and make it very expensive to recover them, so PDF file format can help you deal with these eventualities. PDF files deliver an amazing array of benefits that could help enterprises to maximize security and maintain integrity.

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