6 Educational Tech Gadgets for Your Kids

There are lots of tools out there to help kids learn and have fun while doing so. These educational gadgets are so effective because kids are more likely to learn and retain information when they’re having fun. Not to mention they’re more likely to want to do things that are fun. Your kids won’t even know that they’re learning with these 6 educational tech gadgets for your kids.

Vtech KidiZoom Action Camera 180

The Vtech KidiZoom Action Camera 180 gives your kids the chance to capture their adventures no matter what. This is a digital camera that has gotten great reviews and has been specially designed with kids in mind. It can capture both pictures and videos, is easy to use, and has a durable case to protect against damage.

The camera can be rotated 180 degrees to allow kids to take selfies or regular pictures/videos. It’s packed full of features such as capturing in slow/fast motion and accessories so kids can mount them to their bikes or skateboards. It’s waterproof up to six feet so there’s nothing stopping your kids from having fun and learning more about photography and how to get the perfect shot. Last but not least, it comes with three built-in games for added value.

LeapFrog Chat and Count Phone

What kid doesn’t love phones? The LeapFrog Chat and Count Phone gives your kids the chance to play with a phone and learn about them without having to break yours to do so. It has its own little helper called Scout. This friendly little puppy will talk to your children and sing to them to help them learn more about counting, not to mention phones as a whole.

On top of the obvious benefit of giving kids an early sense of numbers, it helps them to learn about pretending and using their imagination. They’ll develop social skills as they interact with Scout and use the phone as intended. That you can give your kids this phone instead of yours is just the icing on the cake for a wonderful little device for kids.

Hexbug Nano Bugs

Another thing every inquisitive little kid loves is bugs. These Hexbug Nano Bugs are little robots programmed to behave and act just like the real thing. Outside of satisfying your child’s need for bugs, the nano bugs have a lot to teach your kids about the wonderful world of science and the social nature of bugs.

Children can use the playset to design their own habitats for the little Nano Bugs and register them online – with your permission of course. The website for the bug has even more learning resources for them, so it’s worth your time to do so.


MindFlex is the next generation of gadgets for kids. It’s designed to teach children the power of the human mind. It develops an interest for biology and physics in a fun and interactive way.

There are platforms with obstacles and your kid has to get the ball past the obstacles to the other side. What’s interesting is that they control the ball with their mind; something that is sure to fascinate kids of any age. What better way to show them the power of their mind than this?

Playskool Alphie

Not only are children inherently fascinated in robots, but robots offer a great chance for them to learn more about the world they live in. Playskool Alphie is one such educational robot. Alphie has a little screen that displays images and shapes. When your child presses the right one it makes a sound. This develops coordination and teaches them about the power of sound.

Alphie can be programmed with lots of other lessons too. HE can teach children about cause and effect, sorting shapes, develop their vocabulary, and do so much more. Like with the LeapFrog phone, your child will also develop social skills as they talk to Alphie and interact with him.

Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot

Knowing how to code is an important skill for anyone to have in the technology-driven world of today. The good news is that it’s never been easier. You can just buy them a little programmable robot that teaches them for you.

Kids can teach their little Dash robot to sing and dance using skills taught by apps and voice commands. It offers endless possibilities to give them an accessible entry to technology and how to program. It connects with Android and iOS devices alike to help children develop strong coding and robotics fundamentals.

Educational technology can work wonders for kids. There’s a lot of choice out there, including many budget friendly options. Find something your kids will learn to love and they’ll love to learn.

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