6 Benefits of A/B Testing Software to Small Business Owners

Whether you sell a service, a product, or content, you need to continually lookout for tools that will help you grow your online business. One such tool is an A/B testing (sometimes called split testing) software. The solution enables you to optimize various elements that affect your marketing campaign. These include, amongst others, landing page, webpage copy, images, ad text, headline, and call-to-action.

So, what are the actual reasons for implementing this absolute marketing game-changer? This article explores six benefits of A/B testing software to small business owners. Keep reading.

  1. Improved Content

The A/B testing solution works by creating two variants of your mobile app or website. It then allows you to divide your site traffic into two, presenting each part with a unique version of your website or mobile application. The software eventually analyzes and records the info on how your site visitors interact with the two variants.

Testing these two versions of your website content enables you to understand every aspect of the content you look to create, as well as come up with a list of potential improvements. This, in turn, makes it possible for you to provide better content that is best suited for your site visitors.

  1. Multi-Functional Analysis

It is not possible to identify what visitors will or will not like about your site by just looking at data. That’s why having a solution that will carry out A/B testing is paramount.

While many small business owners tend to think that this solution is only ideal for forms, images, and actual text, that’s not always the case. It tests just about any element that affects your online marketing efforts. From headline to color and just anything in between. Making slight changes in these variables can sometimes help you identify what best engages readers and converts visitors.

  1. Improves Conversions

Did you know that 58% of organizations that use A/B testing software use it for conversion rate optimization? Many have been able to automate their A/B testing effectively and consistently to ensure they create content that converts more visitors into buyers. It helps increase the overall user experience on your site, thus improving both short and long term conversions. Perhaps, this is because it is relatively easy to determine what’s winning and what’s losing based on simple metrics, such as time spent on page and conversions.

  1. Reduced Bounce Rate

One major problem that many small online and e-commerce companies have to deal with is the bounce rate. This refers to the number of website users who visit your site then click away just after a single-page session.

The good news is that checking out your page text and even colors with an A/B software can help you differentiate what’s working from what is not. That way, you’ll be able to make all the necessary changes. The result? You’ll see a decrease in cart abandonment as well as your subscriber opt-out rate.

  1. Useful in Low Data Testing

Although considerable data is usually ideal for analysis, that’s not always the case with an A/B testing software. Just a little site traffic, bounce rate, and lead conversion are enough to help you optimize the performance of your website. A recent study by VentureBeat revealed that roughly 25,000 visitors are enough for an A/B testing. That means it’s possible to perform analysis even if your website is new or produces only a few conversions daily.

  1. Reduced Risk

There’s no denying that making significant changes to your website can result in considerable alterations in strategy. That alone would add a substantial cost to your marketing campaign.

However, using an A/B testing software makes it possible for you to examine the behavior of your site users before you can commit to significant decisions. As a result, you can mitigate unnecessary risks by targeting your resources for maximum effect and efficiency.

Added Bonus

Besides helping you convert more site visitors, A/B testing software can help you get higher value for your product or services. For instance, you don’t have to leave your page as it is once you notice that the font, headline, or design is not converting. With some thorough A/B comparison test and a bit of tweaking, you might just discover that customers are willing to purchase the more expensive offers that have more perceived value.

Wrap Up

Whether you’re new to online marketing or a seasoned pro, there’s no doubt that A/B testing is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to discover how to attract more traffic. The right software will help your small business achieve more than the abovementioned benefits. It will automate your A/B testing and help your in-house team to utilize the available resources, budget, and skills to grow your online business.

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