5 Workstations With The Maximum Capacity

You need more power as well as huge memory capacity to crunch a horde of data or large files in 4K in a monster aka workstation. The best of the best workstations have the capability to handle any kind of application thrown at it.  The workstation is useful for mainly for engineers, designers, financial inquisitor and researchers who are running more commanding applications, like financial analysis, computations rendering complex graphics, and digital content creation, etc.

Whether you need a huge vibrant display with huge computing power and memory capacities within the affordable price range, here is the list of the best 5 workstations with the maximum memory storage capacities. These are the outstanding and the most powerful workstations that can charge-up your business with a sweep.

HP Z8 Workstation

hp z8

The HP Z8 workstation is claimed to be one of the world’s most powerful workstation in recent times. Whether it is for 8K video editing, simulation or complex machine learning, the HP Z8 workstation does not disappoint at all. HP Z8 has the extreme power to run the most complex workloads, simulations and process loads of data with its highest memory capacity available.

This workstation can achieve the performance that is required for your business with the latest Intel Xeon series of processors of up to 56 cores. It has the memory capacity of up to 3 TB, can easily handle massive data sets with up to 24 DIMM slots and with up to 48 TB internal storage capacity, experience fastest performance for storage-bounded applications. The HP Z8 supports for up to three NVIDIA Quadro P6000 Graphics cards.

The HP Z8 workstation is a perfect system for computing-edge environments such as machine learning. It is a perfect fit for real-time synergy, security for massive data sets, low latency and cloud computing. It is said to be the most secured

workstation in Z series as HP Z8 is built-in with various security features such as HP sure start (self-curative BIOS with encroachment detection).

Dell 7910 Workstation

Dell 7910

The Dell 7910 workstation features the latest dual Intel Xeon series of processors with up to 22 cores per processor. It has the processing power to perform the most complex and demanding applications more quickly. The Dell Precision Tower 7910 workstation is an ideal one for compute-intensive workloads such as simulation, rendering and analysis.

Dell’s 7910 workstation has powerful graphics and memory. This system supports the latest AMD FirePro graphics and NVIDIA Quadro that delivers the best performance that is needed to run the most demanding applications and offers larger graphics memory for your larger data sets with up to 675 watts of graphics power. The system’s memory is expandable up to 1TB with the latest 2400MHz DDR4 memory.

Featuring a 12 Gb/s RAID controller, the 7910 workstations is doubled with the I/O speeds compared to the workstation of previous generations. It has the high-performance storage system with the PCIe NVMe Solid state disk storage solutions delivering the fastest and the most reliable storage of data that is up to four times faster than the traditional SATA SSD storage.

The Dell ISV-certified applications include the most popular independent software applications such as CATIA and SolidWorks, Autodesk Product Design Suite including 3D CAD and Revit, Inventor and AutoCAD.

HP Z440 workstation

hp z440

Expand the power and enhance your business to the next level by experiencing the best performance, reliability and expandability in a complete package that is known as HP Z440 workstation. The HP Z440 workstation features eight processor cores by supporting the latest Intel Xeon processors, has the memory capacities of up to 128 GB and with multiple storage options and PCIe configuration.

The HP Z440 workstation hand-carry enhanced expandability and I/O performance when it is required. It features for up to eight memory slots supporting with the latest DDR4 memory and six hopped-up expansion slots that include three 2.0 PCIe slots. This system has the power and features that are needed to get the work done quickly.

The HP Z440 delivers the flexibility for storage options, it supports for two internal storage bays and two external device bays. It also provides tool-free convenience to the external device bays, attaching additional I/O or expanding storage capabilities to be completed in just a few steps. The HP Z440 workstation is backed by 368,000 hours of testing and is quoted to be extremely reliable.

You can customize the workstation to grow with your business needs. When your work requires more, the 4U form factor, tool-less designed HP Z440 workstation is built to handle expansion when needed. You can easily customize and configure the memory, storage, expansion slots, graphics card and many more according to your needs.

The HP Z440 workstation is said to be the best system with its throttled performance, best security and reliability and many expandable features that complete it to be the best consideration for any businesses that compute heavy-workloads.

The Dell Precision 7730 workstation

Dell 7730 workstaion

The Dell Precision 7730 workstation is the most powerful workstations in recent times with its raw power, and the most colourful display. Experience the latest innovation that is built with the latest Intel core of latest 8th generation and Intel Xeon 6-core processors, with blazing fast memory, storage options and professional graphics and many more.

7730 workstation supports for up to Nvidia Quadro P5200 to Intel HD GFX GPU with VRAM of up to 16 GB, by giving a lot of space to run the most graphics-intensive workloads. Initially, the system can support the memory capacity of up to 8 GB and can be expandable for up to 128 GB. With this larger memory capacity, the 7730 can compute memory-intensive workloads with ease. It supports for the storage of up to 500 GB HDD to 8 TB SSD.

Your work can count on it since the Dell 7730 workstation is an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) certified device i.e. this system is tested and then certified to ensure that the applications that you rely on run smoothly. This certification covers the most popular independent software applications.

What makes the Dell 7730 workstation an ideal consideration for your business is because of its vibrant and sharp 4K display, blazing-fast performance, huge memory and storage options, durable and premium design and powerful graphics support. But the only disadvantage is its average battery life and high-end configuration are highly expensive.

Apple iMac Pro

apple i mac pro

The iMac Pro workstation is ready to build your greatest ideas into your work. The Apple iMac Pro is a tremendous workstation, especially for the people those who love the design of Apple’s devices while using its software. This system is composed with the most powerful processors and graphics ever used in Mac and with the most advanced storage, memory and I/O options. With its 5K retina display, this Apple product is loved by everyone from video editors, photographers, 3D animators, musicians, software developers and to scientists.

The Apple iMac Pro is a fantastic all-in-one workstation that supports the latest Intel Xeon W CPU, AMD Vega 64 graphics of up to 16 GB HBM2 RAM and has the memory capacity of up to 128 GB. The iMac Pro is the most powerful Mac system ever that is excellently designed with great features, but you can only consider to purchase it when you have no IT budget constraints as this product is really expensive.

The memory capacities of a system plays a major role in computing workloads that are memory-intensive. Businesses with such needs always need to invest in the workstation that has the potential to expand its memory capabilities according to the demanding requirements. These are best 5 workstations which maximum memory capacities currently available in the market for the best affordable price.

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