5 Simple Ways to hack someone’s Cell Phone Online

During last summer’s holidays, while the others were having a beach tan and family get together, I was digging hard to find the safest way to hack someone’s cell phone online. All credits go to my ex-boyfriend and his more-than-usual cell phone usage!

He was glued to his phone’s screen all the time, his phone would always be face-down, and he used to panic a little if I am around him while he texts or talks over the phone. So, when he joined a summer internship, I decided to find out what he was trying to hide.

My days’ long efforts harvested fruits and I learned how to hack someone’s cell phone without having it. I tried the method and was able to know reality. Today, I am going to suggest you not one but 5 such ways using which you can easily hack someone’s phone online.

#1 – Spyier

Spyier is that reliable hack app that I use to hack my boyfriend’s cell phone online and I must admit that choosing it for the job was the wisest decision of my life. This is more than a hack app. It’s a way to find out the reality hidden under the thousands of folds without messing around.


Spyier is a 100% safe option to hack someone’s cell phone online as it works discreetly, keeps you out of harm’s way, and never lets anyone find out what you are up to. Impressed by these qualities, millions of other users, along with me, decided to pick Spyier over any other option.

The best part is, it never disappointed anyone. With its user-friendly interface, a novice can turn into a full-fledged White Hat cell phone hacker in no time. All the world-class media houses like Top 10 Reviews, CNN, and Forbes have also praised Spyier for its impeccable performance.

Not going to believe in my words? Try it and find out on your own.

  • Your safety is its prime motto

When you search for an online solution, security and data safety always remains the prime concern. You can bank on Spyier in this regard as it keeps you safe in various ways. The first thing that it does to safeguard you is to operate without saving your data on its server. 

It’s a very common issue with many online cell phone hack solutions that they save data on their server. However, Spyier believes not to be a part of the sheep herd and pave its own path. 

While you use it, your data is not saved on any of the servers which further save you from falling in the trap of any online fraud.

The other way via which Spyier can be considered your knight in shining armor is by offering jail/break and rooting free operations. 

In most of the online methods to hack someone’s cell phone suggested by Google, jailbreak/rooting are the two viable options. However, no intelligent soul would actually suggest you try your hands on them.  

The key technology of Spyier is highly futuristic. Instead of interrupting the original OS of the targeted device, which is the case with jailbreak/rooting, Spyier’s technology works on pairing methodology. In the case of the iPhone, it gets paired with the iCloud of the targeted device.

For Android, its technology pairs with the OS and fetches data for you. This type of spying/hacking is far better than the previous options as it’s absolutely risk-free. Neither it possesses any OS failure threat nor does it keep your integrity at stake.     

In short, you are always on the safer side with Spyier and this is why I am advocating it in full swing.

  • Blind-trustworthy

After trying Spyier on my own, I can say that it’s blind trustworthy. The biggest factor that compelled me to say this is the way it renders data to the end-user. 

Phone activities change at supersonic speed and we all knew it. However, that doesn’t allow Spyier to help you comprehensively.

It renders data in real-time. The moment the target initiates new activity on the device, you will be notified.

#2 – Spyic

The second way that I am going to suggest hacking someone’s cell phone online is using the remote monitoring app, Spyic. Built with equally top-notch AI and machine learning technology, this hack app grants you owner-like access on the targeted device.   

When you have such a kind of access to the targeted device, nothing goes unnoticed. You can easily find out about the calls made, text shared, media exchanged, social media platform access, and many other activities happening on the targeted device.

 You know what. While all of this is happening, you remain behind the curtains and never get caught in the act. This is one of the biggest factors why I am suggesting you using Spyic, when you are in dearth need to find something better and safer way to hack someone’s cell phone.

#3 – Cocospy

Cocospy is the third safest and effective way that I come across during my research.

Whether you want to track an Android phone or an iPhone, Cocospy is here to help you. The cherry on the cake is that you can hack more than 3 devices at a time based upon the pack you have subscribed to.

So, if you want to hack a lot of cell phones while letting none know about it, Cocospy is the ideal bet. It works perfectly and discreetly in all situations. Risky activities like jailbreak and rooting are nowhere involved. Data safety has given prime importance.

All these things are more than enough to pick Cocospy over any other vague option available.

#4 – Minspy

During my research on how to hack someone’s cell phone online, I came across another safer option, Minspy. Minspy is a strategically built remote monitoring app that helps you do risk-free and hassle-free hacking. 

All the perils involved in hacking that we have in our minds can be curbed completely with Minspy as it works without rooting/jailbreaking the targeted devices. Because of this feature only, Minspy has managed to gain significance in over 190 countries.

#5 – Spyine

I will wrap my list with Spyine, a powerful remote monitoring app. By using this app, you can easily hack an Android and iPhone online. All the data will be rendered directly. It comes with 100% discreet and risk-free operations that can be trusted blindly.


If you are thinking that you don’t have the right kind of hacking skills or resources then think once again. Spyier’s impeccable technology has made hacking everyone’s cup of tea. Using it is so easy and a cakewalk that everyone can turn into a professional hacker in no time.

The best part is your data safety or security is not at all compromised. Therefore, hack others’ phones with full confidence!

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