5 Reasons Why Men Should Wear A Watch

For the past years, watches have been used by people as they are the only tools that can keep track of time. People cannot just look at their phones before, compared to what they can do now.

The reasons why people purchase a watch have changed throughout time, especially after the first watches were released. However, the percentage of people wearing watches nowadays has decreased drastically. This is no surprise since smartphones are around to help people track time.

But what happens when the battery of your phone dies? Would you still be able to track the time when it is deemed necessary?

Why You Need A Watch

#1. They are functional.

Watches are incredibly functional as they offer different helpful features that enhance one’s everyday life.

During the 19th century, wristwatches were used in maneuvering synchronization during a war. After this, they have evolved in so many ways, such that their functions have also increased. Watches are now used to help not only soldiers but even divers in the ocean and pilots in the sky. Watches are not only used in flying and diving but are highly functional in racing and exploring.

Some watches offer moon phase functions, a GMT hand, and chronograph features. Most watches have complications aside from the essential time-telling element. Common watch complications are a calendar, tourbillon, power reserve, minute repeater, etc.

One of the popular features of a watch is a diver’s bezel, which indicates how much oxygen is left through a countdown of 60 minutes. Not only is it used underwater, but you can also use it when you go for adventures, such as hiking.

The bottom line is, a watch, aside from being a piece of jewelry, can do so much. This timepiece is a practical tool that allows you easier access to helpful tools you can utilize every day. Watches from Tag Heuer have been legendary in the field of chronographs and sports watches, making them rule over their counterparts.

#2. They make great heirlooms.

A compelling reason why you should wear a watch is that it is an iconic and appreciated heirloom. Vintage watches have a lot of history, which is why old watches are considered antiquities with great value. Thus, these timepieces require you to pay a high price.

A watch passed as an heirloom to generations is a remembrance of your family and relatives, the stories made together with the watch, and where and how this timepiece had been used. Just like what a famous watch brand says, we “create our own traditions.” High-quality watches are beautiful pieces of craftsmanship to withstand damage and be passed from one generation to another.

Buying watches means not only being a part of history, but also making history through your fine timepieces.

#3. They are simple.

Did it ever happen to you that the moment you took your phone to check the time, you found yourself scrolling through your gadget until you got distracted?

The simplicity it offers is one of the reasons why people love wearing a watch. Compared to a phone, a watch is less of a distraction, no matter how decorative its design would be.

Every single time you take out your phone, it will only distract you creating a risk of getting stuck and procrastination. But wearing a watch will help you deal with the problem.

#4. They reflect your style.

Women use handbags, purses, and jewelry to complete their entire look. For men, they want to keep things simple and less flashy, which makes it hard for them to find the perfect accessory to match their style.

The great news is, a watch is considered a highly functional and timeless accessory that reflects a man’s personality and taste. Watches, aside from telling time, have been designed to make a statement, a mere reflection of one’s style.

As mentioned earlier, there are limited accessories that men can use, and watches enables them to express their personality and style. Wearing this fine timepiece is a form of self-expression. You do not need to say a word to make an impression. The watch will do the talking.

#5. They are convenient.

Watches make you punctual, not phones. The most convenient way to tell time is a wristwatch. By making a quick glance at your wrist, it would be classier for you to observe time without offending someone during a meeting or a date.

Pulling a phone while talking to people to check the time might appear rude to the ones in the room, so a watch can basically solve everything. When situations need you to leave your phone somewhere else, like when going to the beach, a wedding, or a funeral, the best and most convenient way for you to track time is a watch.


With the advanced technology stepping in, people tend to forget the importance of watches. But knowing the reasons why these timepieces are worth the bucks will make you understand why watches are good investments.

When you decide to buy your own watch, you will need to know a trusted distributor for high-quality components. Sofly watch parts are reliable and will be at your disposal to give you whatever you need.

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