5 Jobs for Digital Nomads

The term “digital nomad” didn’t exist only a decade ago, but now it’s a dream shared by many. In simple terms, digital nomads travel the world working remotely. They can operate from anywhere that has an internet connection and charger port, freeing them up to explore new places and fund their travels as they go. If this sounds ideal to you, here’s a rundown of the top careers available.

  1. Web designer

This is the quintessential digital nomad job and remains one of the most popular. Web designers do just that. They build websites from the ground up, implementing themes, code and functionality according to a brief. You’ll need good coding knowledge and a flair for design.

The job can be demanding as you’ll support customers even when the site is finished, but being a web designer offers unbridled freedom. If you want to either start your web designing career as a digital nomad or transition from working in office to working from home, you can search for remote jobs in DC, Atlanta, or Dallas if you’re looking for competitive job offers.

  1. Writer

Perhaps the broadest entry on the list, being a writer can involve anything from producing vast novels to writing blogs or copy. The latter two options are the most popular for digital nomads. Content writing means creating blog posts and articles according to a client brief. It’s usually a subtle form of marketing designed to sell a product or a service. Copywriting is similar, albeit usually more complex and more overtly marketing orientated. Ghost writing and even travel writing are options too, although these provide a less reliable income.

  1. ECommerce

You can sell products from anywhere in the world with just a storefront and an eCommerce infrastructure. Dropshipping is another extremely popular digital nomad career, and nowadays it’s easier than ever. Companies such as BlackBelt eCommerce will design a Shopify storefront for you, ensuring that it’s attractive to customers, easy to navigate, and secure. That frees you up to focus purely on the marketing side of the business, which can be done from anywhere via social media. Dropshipping means that you don’t hold physical stock and you don’t handle deliveries or returns, so you’re free to travel at will.

  1. SEO specialist

A little more niche than the previous entries, SEO specialists are in high demand and charge a great deal for their services. This is due to the transformative nature of SEO (search engine optimization), which can completely change how a business fares in the online world. SEO means tailoring a website so that it appears higher in Google search engine results. It sounds simple, but this process involves the correct use of keywords, good linking, use of subheadings, effective content curation, and much more. This is a job that can be done anywhere—but it demands a lot of insight.

  1. Digital assistant

One of the newer jobs, big companies are only now realizing that they don’t need to keep their customer support staff in-house. Digital assistants answer customer questions, resolve queries, and generally work to solve problems. This is done purely digitally, either via live chat or in some cases video calls. Of course, that means that the job can be done anywhere in the world, as long as you operate on the same time zone as your employer.

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