5 Healthy Living Apps for Everyday Life

Have you ever wanted advice for a medical condition so badly but cannot seem to find it? Worse still is the frustration you get when searching for medical advice online, and you do not get satisfied. A pharmacist working with the Healthy Choice Pharmacy suggests the pandemic season is the best time to integrate health information with technology and make it available for users to help reduce the queuing experience at the emergency department of most hospitals.

What Are the Best Healthy Living Apps for Everyday Life?

Putting your well-being first is crucial as it determines how best you can be productive in other areas of your life. Technology is putting all our needs into consideration by creating numerous applications that make life easier. The number of apps you can find in your app store is a testament that technology makes life easy.

Whether you want to track your expenditure, scan your documents, or get some design inspiration, there is an application tailored for that. But did you know some apps can help boost your healthy living habits?

Below are some of the applications to set you on a healthy living journey:

  1. Headspace

The app comprises simple meditation exercises to clear your mind, improve your attention span, and alertness will determine your overall productivity. Headspace users report that after using the guided meditation sessions, they can manage their stress, are less anxious, and concentrate on their tasks for better productivity. When the importance of mental health is taking center stage, Headspace is the buddy you need.

  1. HealthTap

Suppose you do not fancy having to queue at the Emergency Department to get the assistance you need for your symptoms. Using HealthTap, you ask questions and get answers from the resourceful network of physicians available. Even better, the AI-powered symptom checker can help you identify your symptoms, offer consultations and treatment plans coupled with reminders for follow-ups and referrals, all from the comfort of your home.

  1. Fooducate

There is no healthy living without healthy eating. Fooducate comprises an extensive database on the nutritional value of different foods available in your area. Through the scan options, simply scan over the barcode and get a personalized nutrition grade for the food to learn about the food to choose the healthiest options based on your nutritional needs.

Fooducate is timely to address harmful food additives and GMOs that negatively affect your health. It also sends essential notifications that influence you to make healthy food choices.

  1. Strava

If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you should have this application on your phone. Whether you’re a runner, cyclist or jogger, Strava comprehensively tracks your activity and stats. Additionally, it records and shares your fitness activity with your companions with whom you are on the same journey.

Better still, Strava has the world’s most extensive route and trail resource that can help map out your fitness track.

  1. Clue

Clue helps track your ovulation and period days and gives an idea of how your lifestyle is likely to affect your physical and mental wellbeing. It is a resource for women looking to be in charge of their reproductive health. Clue also helps combat PMS as well as cyclic hormonal fluctuations.

Your Health Is Your Wealth

Choosing to live healthily is a crucial choice you can make for your overall productivity. In addition to making life easier, having technology at your disposal will help you decide what applications will facilitate healthy living based on your different health needs. It is now time to consider your health as a treasure and, as such, safeguard it by all means.

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