3 Best Mini Industrial Actuators

Actuators convert energy into motion – this feature is common for any actuator type. What differs one device from another is their source of energy and field of application. Our main focus today is devices powered by the electric current that create linear motion, i.e. electric linear actuators. This type of actuators is popular and widely used by technicians from different branches. Today, we’re interested in devices applied in the industry.

We’re going to review three examples of mini industrial actuators presented on the market. You’ll be able to compare devices from different manufacturers and find out what to choose.

Usage of Linear Actuators in Industry

There are three types of linear actuators you can find on the market: mechanical, pneumatic, and electric. Lots of specialists prefer using electric linear actuators as they consider them to be the most beneficial. Here are the main reasons for that:

  1. Using electric current appears to be a cost-effective approach as several actuators are connected with a cable – a cheap and easy-to-use material.
  2. You get more results using less energy than any other type of actuators.
  3. Electric current is easy to control.
  4. There are numerous applications of linear actuators nowadays because these devices can be easily customized to the specific needs of the branch.
  5. You get the most precise results using these actuators in terms of speed, angles, positions, etc.

Due to their advantages, industrial actuators are widely used in various branches mostly for the heavy lifting of water, sand, snow, mud, fertilizers, etc. Considering this, the main industries for linear actuators are:

  • Heating and air conditioning;
  • Mining;
  • Paper industry;
  • Food industry;
  • Shipbuilding;
  • Chemical industry.

3 Best Mini Industrial Actuators

Today, we’re focusing specifically on mini actuators. They are useful when you don’t have much space to place a standard-sized device but you still need a lot of power and efficiency.

#1. Remore RE805

As any mini actuator, this device works perfectly for both industrial and domestic purposes. You can adjust furniture at home or control hatches in the workplace. The main benefits of this model are its high-speed work with low noise production.

Product details:

  • High torque;
  • IE1 efficiency;
  • Maximum load is 2000N;
  • Waterproof;
  • Available voltage: from 12V to 48V.

#2. Huifeng HF-TGA

This actuator has a diode and a microswitch inside. It can stop automatically and helps to change directions by reversing the voltage polarity. The length of the stroke is set up by the user. This actuator is less powerful than the previous one.

Product details:

  • Torque: 0.5 Nm;
  • IE1 efficiency;
  • Maximum load is 900N;
  • Protection: totally enclosed;
  • Available voltage: 12V and 24V.

#3. Progressive Automations PA-09

Finally, here’s an actuator you can find in our store. This mini version is similar to PA-14 but has higher force characteristics. This device was created with environmental protection in mind and has a rod made from stainless steel. Besides industry, PA-09 is also applied in robotics. In our store, we have a bracket constructed specifically for mini devices, so there won’t be any problems with the mounting process. Visit our shop for more details.

Product details:

  • Stroke: up to 40 inches;
  • Speed: 0.27″ in a second;
  • Current: 4A;
  • Protection: IP66;
  • Available voltage: 12V/


The right linear actuator is a reliable helper at your house or at a plant. The only thing you should do is consider all technical characteristics. For domestic purposes, you may not need a powerful device but high precision appears to be the top-priority factor. If it is an industrial actuator, then power, on the contrary, is the crucial factor. And even in the industry, technicians need small and efficient devices within a limited space.

At Progressive Automations, we’ve got linear actuators for any purpose, including tricky applications for mini and microdevices – all you need is already gathered in one place.

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