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Writing is an age-old tradition which is an obsession when you get addicted to it. There are many of you who would like to express your ideas writing on various subjects.

Our blog has been inundated with requests from those who are experts in their own right. In subjects close to their hearts which incidentally is where we place our expertise too.

There are inherent benefits that you could derive by writing on our blog. Apart from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which you would enjoy there is the goodwill that we could build mutually.

Our guest posts have been overwhelming and the floodgates are now open for all. Your expertise could match ours and for those readers out there we could be their eagerly awaited source of information.

Once hooked our readers are sure to look out for more and more if we could feed them. Information is like a never-ending treasure trove and the more you could put in the more readers we would have.

That is exactly what we intend to do and invite you to join us. The “write to us” invitation would propel you too to higher ground as a voracious writer with ideas galore.

Different perspectives from different angles and that is what we are looking at and look forward to you joining in. We want to make our “write to us” site the most sought after in our line of business.

You could be part of this site providing your expertise, sharing it and allowing others into the information that you have. If you do not share your knowledge others would not have a change of learning from you.

Our social media channels have been at the forefront and have a great following and you may be able to join the fun too. The tremendous exposure that you would get could be a feather in your cap.

The impetus that you would get from being a partner of our expertise could elevate you to new prospects too. Hence keep writing we would love to hear from you

Hence we have opened the door for all those interested and waiting with their writing skills spruced up to put their ideas down. This is the opportunity that we are providing all and sundry as long as you stick to the categories we have selected.

These are the categories that we would like you to share your knowledge and expertise. We look forward to your expert inputs.


It is imperative that your articles as our guest should fall within the following parameters. Your diverse ideas and information would be welcomed by us.

We take this opportunity to propose to you that we would need quality information. Our reputation is very important to us and we would scrutinize all articles before we decide to publish them.

This is understandable as we need our readers to be fully apprised of what they would read and enjoy. Information should be first hand as far as possible which would make our readers clamor for more.

#1. Technology

#2. Apps

#3. How-to, Why Stuff

#4. Internet

#5. Mobile

#6. Reviews

#7. Grear & Gadgets

We list below some of the best articles we have been proud to publish your information. We need to maintain a very high standard and expect that you as one of our guest writers would reciprocate.

If you could provide information in a style that would digest well with our readers, our reputation and yours could be well on the way up.

 The Benefits That You Would Derive

  • A large unprecedented active audience.

Thousands of visitors climb aboard our site monthly and they are regulars who would seek out information and share it with others.

Our newsletter too has thousands of subscribers which would expose your guest posts to optimum levels.

We would love to hear from you and look forward to bringing you onboard and letting you ride on our success.

  • Benefits of SEO

Very high SEO exposure as our articles would be indexed within hours. Most of our articles are linked hence this would propel you to unprecedented heights.

This is a do-follow blog, so you can earn a do-follow backlink that helps most in SEO from our blog.

  • Exposure to the Social Media

We use Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus very extensively to promote our business which would bring benefits to you too. Your articles would be shared on all these Social Media where we would be active.

  • Remunerations / Fees

We invite you as a guest writer to join us in the quest of educating our readers hence would not be making any sort of payments.

If you want to join us in a professional capacity we could consider your application with which you would need to send sample articles that you have written before.

 Guidelines for Submission of Articles

  • Articles should be around 1000 words
  • Resource and citation Links relevant to the niche of our blog
  • Discuss via email for Self-promotional or Advertorial in nature links
  • Make the article interesting and readable
  • Add subheadings, bullet points, paragraphs etc
  • Content must be 100% original, Never published on the internet before
  • Send articles as a word document or HTML file
  • Make it attractive with videos and images
  • Limit image width and send as the separate attachment
  • Please do not infringe on copyright
  • Avoid plagiarism
  • Diagrams and other technical data should be sent in the right format as found on our site
  • Check out for more information which would be relevant to our blog
  • Please send articles to info@mizpee.com

Other Considerations Prior to Writing

  • Work closely with us as we opened our guest spot to those bona fide writers who would contribute to our blog in a positive way.
  • Follow us on our Social Media platforms before you send in any material to be published.
  • This would give us the impetus to consider your work before we would consider publishing it.
  • We receive many articles per month, so you might expect some delay in response and publication.