What Makes EssayPro Stand Out?

Paper writing services are not a new concept. There are plenty that even predate the Internet. Today, a quick Google search can uncover scores of writing services all promising the same things: anonymity, confidentiality, and papers that are 100 percent unique and unsearchable.

The problem is that many services don’t deliver what they promise. They don’t work with writers who are experienced in the subject areas. They don’t adhere adequately to specific styles or formatting standards. Some are outright scams that take students’ hard-earned money and deliver uncirculated copied content that doesn’t show up on search engines but does show up on the professor’s radar upon reading the same paper for the fifth, tenth or twentieth time.

It can be very difficult finding a service that delivers quality work that is truly unique and relevant. Just choosing one based on search engine results is likely to yield some very disappointing results.

Enter EssayPro: a well-established service with one of the best reputations in the industry. But what is it that makes this service stand out in a sea of competing websites all vying for those precious student dollars? The short answer is quite a bit. The long answer is what we will be exploring now.

Friendly, Accommodating, and Accessible

Some writing services lock down their entire sites only allowing access to all of their resources to paying clients. With EssayPro, potential clients enjoy a level of transparency that rivals many of the service’s biggest competitors.

Students just looking for help and advice on how to write a good paper have full access to EssayPro’s academic blog. There they can find volumes of practical information on everything from formatting and style guides to how to avoid common pitfalls in grammar, punctuation, research papers outline and more. The information on the blog alone can help students improve their writing skills and perform better on common writing assignments before they ever spend a single penny.

Safe, Confidential, and Plagiarism-Free

The privacy of their clients is a primary concern for EssayPro. They understand the need for strategic communication and collaboration. Students can engage directly with their writers and remain anonymous throughout the entire process. This creates a cushion of safety when assignments are being assessed by professors. The work feels authentic because the student has direct control over the content through every stage of development of their paper.

This level of customization also negates the need to worry about plagiarism. If the student approaches an EssayPro writer with an outline and notes, that information will play a vital role in the development of the paper. Usual sourcing of information via quotes and citations is an accepted part of the writing process utilized by EssayPro writers.

EssayPro writers all know how to maximize the responsible usage of researched information and deliver content that is unique. No other student has ever, or will ever, turn in that paper, making every piece delivered by EssayPro to be completely free of plagiarism. Best of all,  privacy and anonymity of the client are always guaranteed.

Popular Service Offerings

EssayPro offers three basic services:

  • Proofreading – the finished paper is checked for various errors related to the type of assignment
  • Editing – changes are made by EssayPro writers based on the issues discovered in proofreading
  • Complete Academic Paper Development – an EssayPro writer researches and writes the entire paper from scratch

In every case, client satisfaction is guaranteed or their money back.


EssayPro clients bid and negotiate rates with their chosen writers. The most common rate is $12 per page, but pricing is not static. The site’s price calculator can provide more accurate estimates based on the particulars of the job.

The Fine Print

There are a few things potential EssayPro clients should understand. First, this is a paid service, and we know that money is very tight for most college students. Also, their writers are typically very busy. Their best writers sometimes decline new clients outright or place them on long wait lists. The site advertises same-day deadlines (within 6 hours) but readily admits that they cannot accommodate all such requests, especially with longer, more technical papers.

Helping Serious Students Succeed

Circumstances – both expected and unexpected – can have a huge impact on a student’s ability to complete written work on time. EssayPro allows students with rigorous academic or work schedules (and other common time constraints) to deliver quality written work on time. They offer some of the best writing services in the industry along with reliable, friendly customer support.

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