10 Apps Like ShowBox, ShowBox Alternatives in 2018

If you are a movie lover, you must have heard about ShowBox. It can be considered as one of the best options available for the people to enjoy high-quality movies at the comfort of home. A large number of movies as well as television shows are available in ShowBox for you to enjoy. If you come across the need to watch a specific movie or a television show, all you have to do is to take a look at ShowBox. However, ShowBox is not the only app available for you to enjoy high-quality movies and television shows. Here is a list of 10 amazing apps like ShowBox that are available for you to try out. Any person looking for a ShowBox alternative can take a look at these apps.

Apps Like ShowBox in 2018

1- Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is one of the most popular movie streaming and TV series streaming apps like ShowBox available for you to try. This app is compatible with iOS, Android as well as Linux. The cross-compatibility associated with this app can be considered as the main reason behind its popularity. The speed of this app is impressive as well. After installing the app on your device, you can quickly fire it up from the device. You are also provided with the ability to change the language and interface of this app with the help of Jiffy.

Pros of Popcorn Time

  • It provides you with the ability to select subtitles for almost all the movies and TV shows.
  • The app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Linux.
  • You can easily connect this app to your smart TV.
  • You can tweak the language and interface of the app as per your preferences.

Cons of Popcorn Time

  • There is a bug in the Popcorn Time app, which makes it crash most of the time.


Developer: PopFree Time
Price: Free

2- Movie Box

By nature, Movie Box is an app similar to Showbox in many different areas. However, you will not be able to find movies in all languages while you are browsing this app. You can only find movies in Russian and English languages while you are using the app. Hence, it can only cater the needs of a specific group of people. Before you start streaming a movie in Movie Box, you will be displayed with a trailer. This can be considered as an impressive feature of the app. But if you don’t have any patience to watch a trailer, this is not the most appropriate app because you cannot skip the trailer.

Pros of Movie Box

  • The app has got a simple and a user-friendly interface.
  • The app is continuously being updated with the latest movies available out there.
  • It displays a trailer of a movie before you start watching.

Cons of Movie Box

  • It only provides movies in Russian and English languages.


Movie Box
Movie Box
Developer: TechCloudz Inc.
Price: Free

3- MegaBox HD For Android

MegaBox HD For Android is a great Showbox alternative that you can try out. It can provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the latest television shows as well as movies. Available content in this app is properly structured. Therefore, you will not come across any difficulties when you are looking forward to locating a specific movie or a television show. You will be able to figure out the controls of this app from the very first time that you use it.

Pros of MegaBox HD For Android

  • You will be provided with the ability to select the resolution in between 360p and 720p.
  • You can easily add a movie to your list of Favorites and watch later.
  • The app is backed up by a reliable server. Hence, there won’t be any downtimes or lags when you are streaming content.

Cons of MegaBox HD For Android

  • You will have to see a lot of advertisements while you are enjoying the content.



4- PlayBox HD

Among Showbox alternatives, PlayBox HD can be considered as the most similar app available for you to try out. Even the user interface and the features of PlayBox HD are designed in such a way to mimic Showbox. The only difference is the blue colored theme. The app provides a large number of HD content to you. You will be able to browse through them and stream according to your own preferences. It is also possible for you to connect the app to a larger display and get an enhanced experience due to the quality of content offered.

Pros of PlayBox HD

  • PlayBox HD app is completely offered free.
  • There is no premium version associated with this app and you will be provided with all features in the free version.
  • The picture quality of content is fascinating.

Cons of PlayBox HD

  • Some users have found broken links to the available content in PlayBox HD.


5- Sky HD

Sky HD app is not related to the British television channel. It is one of the popular apps like Showbox available for you to try out. The most prominent reason behind the popularity of this app is its ability to deliver HD quality images. However, this app doesn’t offer the services for free. Therefore, any person who is willing to enjoy crisp videos can take a look at Sky HD.

Pros of Sky HD

  • In the Sky HD app, you will be able to find a large number of TV shows and movies.
  • The picture quality of Sky HD is better when compared to the competitors.

Cons of Sky HD

  • You will have to make a payment in order to use the Sky HD app.
  • The resolution of your device should be at least 1366 x 768, if you want to enjoy HD content.


Sky HD TV Channels
Sky HD TV Channels
Developer: Little Scale Apps
Price: Free

6- Hub Streaming

People who are looking for Showbox alternatives can also take a look at Hub Streaming. The best thing about Hub Streaming is the availability of movies. All the newly released movies will get updated to Hub Streaming for the people to enjoy. Apart from streaming videos, you are also provided with the ability to go ahead and download videos as per your preferences. However, it is important to keep in mind that Hub Streaming is only available for the Android devices as of now. It is a solid app and people will not have to worry about anything while they are using.

Pros of Hub Streaming

  • This app provides the ability to download complete movies apart from streaming.
  • Movie links can easily be shared from the app interface.
  • There is a possibility to switch in between different movie players in a convenient manner.

Cons of Hub Streaming

  • The streaming servers become slow at times. This can create an impact on the video quality.


7- Crackle

Crackle has become one of the most popular apps like Showbox, which is specifically designed for Android smartphone owners to use. At the moment, Crackle app has got more than 20 million users. These figures clearly bear testimonials to prove the popularity of the app. Along with that popularity, developers of Crackle are looking forward to introducing the app to Mac OS and Windows in the future. With the help of Crackle, you will be able to enjoy latest TV shows and movies, without experiencing any roadblocks. One of the most impressive features of Crackle is its compatibility with the smart televisions.

Pros of Crackle

  • If you don’t have time to watch the entire movie, you can simply save it and enjoy at a later time.
  • Subtitles are available in different languages through the Crackle app for people to use.
  • The quality of content offered by this app is impressive and decent.

Cons of Crackle

  • Content available in Crackle gets updated only for one time in a month. Therefore, you might have to wait for few weeks in order to enjoy the latest content.
  • The app is currently available only for the Android smartphone and tablet users to try.


Developer: Crackle Plus, LLC
Price: To be announced

8- Stremio

Stremio is a lightweight app, which can deliver impressive video sharing capabilities. It will not ask you to stream content from sources, which you haven’t even heard about. Instead, Stremio will take necessary steps in order to organize the streams in a proper manner. It will be done with content obtained from well-known sources such as Netflix, iTunes and Amazon. Content coming from such multiple sources will be collected together in the app. Then the content will be presented to you in a simple and clean interface. Hence, your chances of getting confused while you use Stremio app is extremely low. In other words, you will have to go through a small learning curve while you are using the app.

Pros of Stremio

  • Stremio app has got a simple and easy to use interface.
  • This is an extremely responsive application. It works smoothly on Android as well as iOS devices.
  • The streaming capabilities linked to the app are impressive.
  • This is a lightweight app. It will only take 11MB of the device storage space to download the app and use.

Cons of Stremio

  • No login capabilities are provided for the people who use Stremio. This can create issues for some of the people who use this app.


Developer: Stremio
Price: Free

9- CinemaBox

CinemaBox is a free Showbox alternative that you can use. Even though it is a free tool, you will be able to find a large number of impressive features offered along with the app. They include the availability of HD quality movies, along with a range of subtitles. The content can easily be streamed from the app interface of CinemaBox. The available collection of movies in CinemaBox app is being updated on a regular basis as well. Hence, people will not have to worry about anything while they are using the app. However, it is important to keep in mind that CinemaBox app is not available on Google Play Store officially. Hence, you will have to download the APK separately to use the app.

Pros of CinemaBox

  • This is a free application available to stream movies and TV shows.
  • It offers HD quality movies.
  • Subtitles are available in different languages.
  • It is possible to download available movies as well.

Cons of CinemaBox

  • CinemaBox app cannot be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store.


Cinema Box
Cinema Box
Developer: Container
Price: Free

10- Hulu

Even though Hulu doesn’t look the same as ShowBox, it is one of the best apps like ShowBox. The most impressive feature about Hulu is that the content available in it is being updated on a regular basis. Therefore, you will be able to experience the latest movies and TV shows from this app without any hassle. However, this is not a native app and the functionality is web-based.

Pros of Hulu

  • An impressive collection of TV shows and movies are available in Hulu for you to download and use.
  • Hulu is compatible with Chromecast and you will be able to get a better viewing experience on the big screen.
  • Content in Hulu is being updated in almost real time.

Cons of Hulu

  • Hulu is not a native app. It is a web-based app and the user experience is somewhat limited.


Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies
Hulu: Stream TV shows & movies
Developer: Disney
Price: To be announced


These are what we have for apps like ShowBox, close alternatives to ShowBox app in 2018. Choose the one according to your choice for the improved watching streaming experience.

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